Now Streaming: The Choctaw Love for Netflix

-Benny Warnick, A&E editor

Look around you. Whether it’s in your dorm lobby, the Commons, or out on the quad, someone not too far from you is probably watching Netflix. The entertainment site provides movies, TV shows and documentaries available for instant streaming on a wide variety of electronic devices.

MC students utilize Netflix regularly, so we asked them which shows they like the most. The top three favorites were “Breaking Bad,” “Supernatural,” and “New Girl,” all of which are fairly new shows with very different plots and fan bases.

“Breaking Bad” features Bryan Cranston (previously best known as Malcolm’s father Hal on the early 2000’s comedy “Malcolm in the Middle”) as Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who teams up with a former student named Jesse (played by Aaron Paul) to make pure crystal meth after being diagnosed with lung cancer. The show caters to action and drama lovers with its often violent nature, given its controversially intense subject matter.

Though many fans first enjoyed “Breaking Bad” for this intensity itself, the evolution of Walter White throughout the show keeps fans attached to their computers and/or TVs. Cranston, who has won four Emmys for the show, is most appreciated among MC students for his ability to take a character like White and change him as the show goes on.

“I believe the best part of Cranston’s portrayal of White was his transition from cooking meth to live to living to cook meth,” MC senior Will Weber said.

For those who wish to delve into the more spooky side of Netflix, “Supernatural” offers the action and drama of “Breaking Bad” with a hunt for something other than drugs. The show follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) as they carry on their father John’s legacy in hunting gods, demons, and other supernatural evils that occupy our world.

Seeking revenge for their mother’s murder 22 years prior, the Winchesters must utilize their father’s knowledge and their own unique abilities to bring about justice after the horrible tragedy that plagued their family. Much like “Breaking Bad,” the show features action-packed, often violent scenes that keep the show’s fans glued to their viewing device. MC students clearly don’t want to watch dull shows, and “Supernatural” packs the punch with its action and adventure.

But even college students want something less intense and more humorous every now and then. That’s where the hit comedy “New Girl” comes into play. The show follows Zooey Deschanel as Jess, a quirky girl who, after a rough break-up, decides to try something new by moving into an apartment with three other people, all of them single men. The men’s personalities range from reclusive to cocky to confused, but all manage to coincide with Jess over time.

Though the show might seem a bit girly for fans of the action and adventure found in “Breaking Bad” or “Supernatural,” fans of “New Girl” can assure the skeptical that the show caters to much more than the feminine crowd.

“Even though the title is ‘New Girl,’ four of the main characters are guys,” said freshman Delaney Foskett. “They have very different, strong personalities and all make up a big part of the show.”

All three shows are currently streaming on Netflix, but Netflix does not keep shows available for instant stream indefinitely. With this in mind, MC students will be sure to enjoy their favorite shows while they can, knowing that many new shows will soon take their place in the ever-evolving entertainment outlet that is Netflix.


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