Champagne Family Reunites at MC

Megan Cole, Staff Reporter

Family reunion? For David Champagne, a Christian Studies professor at Mississippi College, coming to work has become just that.

David Champagne is married to his wife Ellen, and they have two daughters, Julia and Ende, and two sons, Harrison and Franklin. Not that it’s exceptional to have a big family, but having a majority of your family attend the university where you work is not exactly the norm.

Both of Champagne’s daughters and his wife are attending MC this year. Julia Champagne, second semester freshman, says that out of her family, she sees her dad the most on campus. She believes that attending her father’s university and even taking some of his classes helps them bond and grow closer. Julia also explained that she gets to spend more extra time with him because she has a key to her father’s office.

“Yeah, and he was like, Julia! You’re snoring,” Julia laughed, sharing a story of one of her many visits, when she decided to take a nap in his office. She continued, describing the various times she stops by throughout the week. “Usually, it’s whenever I want to take a break or get in a quick study session.”

Ende Champagne, the younger sister, is a first time freshman at MC. Attending the university wasn’t her initial plan, but it easily became the best option for her to continue her artistic endeavors.

“Ende is the artist of the family,” Julia Champagne shared. Ende, who almost attended cosmetology school, is majoring in Studio Art.

Ellen Champagne, David’s wife, is in her junior year studying Elementary Education. She has already specialized in science, history, and English education so far, but coming to MC has allowed her to advance in her ever-growing knowledge.

According to David Champagne, having his wife back in school has changed up the family dynamic and daily routine. He added that in some ways it’s been a challenge, but overall it has allowed them to become a better family and grow.

Despite the big changes, going to school together isn’t anything too unfamiliar to the Champagne family. Both daughters graduated through the home-school program, and the two younger boys are currently being home-schooled by their mother, Ellen, as well.

“When they graduated, I didn’t tell [my daughters] they had to go anywhere, any specific place,” David Champagne said. “But, they value Christian beliefs and so forth…and so they chose MC.” Champagne and his wife came to MC as well, for the same reasons their daughters have.

Apart from the growing and learning in their unique situation, there are also perks to having the family together at MC. These perks include economical benefits, and most of all, lessened stress. Champagne shared that having the kids always close by gives him peace over the common worries a parent often faces when sending a child to college.

Overall, this faith-filled family is happy to be finding their future together at Mississippi College.


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