Moonvine Fest fosters community in Clinton

Jay Kucia, contributing writer

What makes living in a community so special? As students of Mississippi College, we all live in a great community where we can feel the love, support, and encouragement of our fellow Choctaws, but what makes this possible? Is it the diversity of a true community? The intimacy? The connection?

A true community stands strong because of all of these things, and the strength of the community of Clinton, Miss., was on full display Sept. 13 at the Moonvine 49 Arts & Music Fest. This event was sponsored by the Clinton Chamber of Commerce, partnered with the Arts Council of Clinton, and celebrated the town’s community by celebrating its regional artists including visual artists, musicians, and more.

Wyatt Waters, Fides, and Eddie Cotton Jr., were among the Clinton artists who traveled to the fest’s Highway 49 North location at the Live Oaks Golf Course to perform on the main stage. Artists from around the region also appeared at the festival, including Oh, Jeremiah and Rosco Bandana. Between these main stage performances, Giorgio Fareira and Burning Bales performed on the side stage. Fran Nixon, the coordinator of the fest clearly expressed the mission of the festival.

“We hope that this event helps spotlight our talented Mississippi singer/songwriters and film makers while also promoting our local businesses and providing a great live music event for people to enjoy,” said Nixon. “The setting for the festival, under a quintessentially southern grove of live oaks, will be perfect for good music, good food and drink, and good times.”

One of the things that made the Moonvine Fest so special was the variety of arts on display at the Fest. Beyond the aforementioned music, culinary, and visual arts, the fest also provided a platform for film artists. More than a few filmmakers enjoyed the opportunity to share their works with a captivated, involved audience. For any artist in any medium, this opportunity is truly remarkable. Like any great event, the Moonvine Fest provided delicious food. Local food trucks shared their culinary arts with an excited audience of all ages.

The setting of the fest also made it an unforgettable experience. The event took place under the shade of a cluster of strong oak trees that provided comfortable shade and beautiful sights for the festival-goers. Additionally, the weather was beautiful, and attendees could watch the sunset as they enjoyed great food and fun with their family and friends from the early afternoon to the late evening.

The Clinton Chamber of Commerce intends to make the Moonvine Fest an annual event, and the community of Clinton would be the stronger for it. After all, the Moonvine Arts and Music Fest and events like it build communities by encouraging community members to appreciate and invest in each other’s art and in doing so appreciate and invest in each other’s lives. Most importantly, coming together as a true community allows everyone involved to feel genuine acceptance and affection. Events like Moonvine are the things upon which true communities are built.


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