Social Media Workshop

-James Osborne, News Editor  

On Wednesday, Oct.1, the Mississippi College Communication Department will be hosting a social media workshop from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the B.C. Rogers room of Anderson Hall. Participants will learn how to use current social media trends such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for the business marketplace. The keynote speaker for this event is Joe Stradinger, the founder and CEO of the Madison-based company, which specializes in social media marketing and branding. This event is mandatory for communication majors, but it is open to all students and even the general public, although seating is limited.

Social media is one of the top factors that contribute to taking up students’ time and even keep them from doing their homework. However, if used in the right way and in the right context, social media is a great form of communication. Social media is used more in the professional world than ever before, and students getting ready to jump in the business or communications world need to learn how to use social media in their prospective careers.

When used in a professional and intelligent way, social media is one of today’s greatest sources of communication for businesses with marketing, news, and promotional events. Journalists, public relations professionals, marketers, and advertisers use social media every day to achieve the goals set before them in their professional occupations.

Communication professor Ryan Capell has been heading the efforts of putting together the workshop. Capell said there are two main goals for the workshop: To provide a current snapshot of new media and to teach students to use social media professionally and effectively. “Just because we use social media does not mean we are using it effectively,” said Capell. “Social media is where the industry is going and you need these skills in the communication world.”

Retha Price, professor of marketing, said she is planning to attend the event. “Social media is where all eyes are right now,” said Price. From a marketing perspective, Price said that social media is very targeted and that advertising can even be based on previous shopping experience. “Joe Stradinger has spoken to my classes before. He’s very smart and a great speaker,” said Price.

The workshop will have breakout sessions with speakers Lisa Shoemaker, speaking on public relations and politics, Stephanie Gandy, discussing public relations and nonprofit organizations, and Kyle Tait, who will talk about multimedia in sports and radio.

This is actually the second attempt to hold the workshop. The first attempt was last February, but it was cancelled due to an ice storm that cancelled classes that day.

Capell said that the long term goal is to make the social media workshop a big event for the community. “I wouldn’t mind if it was an all-day event, but we have to start small, and we have to start somewhere,” said Capell.

Because seating is limited, non-communication majors are asked to reserve a seat for the workshop by contacting Vicki Williams at 601-925-3229 or


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