Some Writing About Writing

-Julia Champagne, contributing writer

“Where there is a pen, there is a letter to be written and a heart to be poured out in elegant words.”

In my life, writing has meant the most to me. I feel more connected to the little things of life when I put pen to paper. Because of that, I have written many books and continue to write more. As a child I enjoyed many things, but writing has stuck with me through all these years. My inspiration for writing began with the make-believe games my friends and I would play outside. We would dress up from head to toe and gallop around on our horses or quickly run from an evil orphanage owner. Most of the time, we went to war as pirates or stowaway soldiers in an army. The small playground and the huge open field served as many things in my time at the Seminary in New Orleans.

The first book I wrote was titled “Five Friends and Their Adventures.” It was a series of short stories somewhat based off of our games. I decided we needed a way to remember all of the fun we had together. Of course, I embellished the stories to give them an appeal to others. I chuckle every time I go back and read those early stories.

The second book based off the games was called “The Life of a Pirate.” When I gave it to my friends to read, they encouraged me to continue. With all of this success, I decided to try my hand at writing a play. It was based off of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I loved the idea of putting on this play with my fellow playmates, but it never happened.

At this point, I was determined to write something of substance that would last for a while. I wrote a book based on some reading for school. It was titled Love and War. I enjoyed this one quite a bit because it was about a princess whose father allows her to join the royal army. I was very much a tomboy growing up and identified with this character.

Soon after that book, my friends and I got into a Hebrew kick. All we would play were games set in ancient Israel and Egypt. On some days, I would lead them around tied to my jump rope. They were the slaves and I, the slave master. On other days, we would all be Jewish women cooking and cleaning with not much adventure. That inspired me to write yet another book: Leah. It was about a Jewish woman who witnessed the crucifixion of Christ and led a life of adventure. I poured a lot of passion and feeling into that book by writing it in first person. It was my first experience with that kind of narrative in writing and I loved it.

Later, I began to write books based on those friends I had played with constantly. I wrote a great adventure that was unique to each one. Each girl went on an adventure in her book that best suited her character and mannerisms. Those were fun to compose because I was able to imagine an adventure for each one of my close friends. After that accomplishment, I finally felt like I was doing well and was on my way to being an authoress.

The next book I ventured to write was called A Stray Bullet. It ended up being everything I had hoped for. I like it so much that I select very few people to read it. With my first novel out of the way, I began to write another, this one was kind of a prequel to Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I called it The Governess, and was also in first person. Again, this work was only shown to few people because of the connection I felt to it. I had written a book about a character living the life I dreamed of living.

Shortly after completing The Governess, I began writing my longest book to date. For my history credit, I was reading all about the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890’s. As I read and read, I pictured a beautiful, young woman getting kidnapped and taken to the Yukon. So, I wrote about it. This book, A Journey of Trials, is my most recent completed work.

Writing has always come easy to me and it has always been the best way for me to express myself. My inspiration has come from books, authors I admire, friends, and the world around me. Some ideas of mine may seem morbid, but what is life without some kind of trial? I shall continue to write until I can write no more.


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