Alumni of the Year

Don %22Papa%22 Jordan(Alumnus) Katy Thompson(Alumna)

Megan Cole, Staff Reporter

Mississippi College will be honoring Don “Papa” Jordan and Katy Thompson as the university’s 2014 Alumni of the Year. Both have been selected thanks to their many accomplishments and continuous efforts to be a part of the MC family after graduating. These graduates will be a part of the MC Homecoming Dinner on Oct. 17. MC is grateful and both grads are excited to be there.

Don “Papa” Jordan, Alumnus of the Year, was pleasantly surprised upon hearing the big news.

“Why me?” Jordan asked, mentioning the several others he believes worthy of the award. Despite his humble reasoning, it’s obvious that Jordan is important to Mississippi College. He established the Faith & Ethics programs at the MC School of Business, is a standing ambassador of MC, and was previously named School of Business Alumnus of the Year. MC faculty, staff, and students also daily appreciate the work he has done through introducing Pimento’s Cafe on campus.

Katy Thompson, Alumna of the Year, said that she felt completely humbled by the award. “I could think of two hundred other people and many of my friends who deserved this,” said Thompson.

Thompson, a communications graduate of 2005, has made several contributions to the university during her life after MC. Thompson is well known for being a member of the Mississippi College Hall of Fame and the Mortar Board Honor Society. She is often commended for her current work as the enrollment manager with Impact 360 Gap Year, which sometimes happens to bring her back to her alma mater.

Jordan, who graduated in 1951, explained that the world today isn’t the same world that he grew up in. He gave this advice to current students: “Stand firm in the Lord and carry your Christian ideals into the world. The only thing you can really know and trust is the Lord.”

Thompson shared that students should take advantage of the loving community of people at MC. This is her favorite aspect of all MC has to offer. “MC is all about the people,” she said. “Get to know your professors, take the opportunities to invest in others, and find those who will invest in you. After your college years, you never get that same community again.” Thompson revealed that her closest group of friends are still her best friends today. Every year they take a beach trip and find other times to hang out.

Jordan commended the faculty and staff of MC. It was one of his own professors who led him to his graduate studies at Harvard. Jordan explained that he had no idea what the Ivy League school was about, but one day he received an acceptance letter in the mail. He later found out that it was one of his encouraging teachers who had done the task. “Where else do you find professors like that?” Jordan laughed. Jordan ended up earning his MBA at Harvard, making him the first MC grad to attend the school in Cambridge, Mass.

“Would I go back to MC again if I had the chance to do it all over? Yes,” said, Jordan. He believes that MC provides a good education built on Christian values that can’t be found anywhere else. “MC means you don’t have to look back or feel like you should have gone someplace else.”

These alumni will be recognized at the Homecoming Dinner, which will take place at the B.C. Rogers Student Center on Friday, Oct. 17. Tickets will cost $20 and an RSVP is required. For more questions or further information, contact Lori BoBo at


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