“Destined to Make an Impact: An In-Depth Look at Bungie’s ‘Destiny’”

Benny Warnick, A&E editor

Mississippi College students love their electronics. From their iPhones to their Netflix accounts, students regularly take to technology as a means of entertainment and relaxation when the work day is over. In the video game area of the electronics world, the release of a game called Destiny has sparked the interest of new and old gamers alike for its creativity and complexity in today’s gaming market.

Dalton Destiny Game

            This first-person shooter (FPS) was created by Bungie, the Washington state gaming company best known for the Halo series, and it released on Sept. 9. As revolutionary as Halo was in the gaming world, particularly in the realm of online gameplay, the announcement of Bungie’s work on Destiny had many gamers excited for the new release.

“The Halo online multiplayer set the tone for Call of Duty and other online FPS games,” said MC senior Dalton Berryhill. “That’s what defined it. When Bungie got to work on this, they said it was going to be bigger than the Halos they had made. So there was a lot of hype around it.”

In Destiny’s campaign mode, players act as characters known as guardians, protectors of the last city on Earth. The guardians have been given the task of protecting the Traveler (an artificial intelligence orb responsible for giving humanity massive increases in biological and technological information) from a mysterious, negative force known simply as The Darkness. At the start of the game, nobody knows the details on just what exactly The Darkness is. All players know is that The Darkness (powered by four different breeds of aliens) is coming their way. In stopping The Darkness, players must figure out what it is and defeat the aliens behind it or face the destruction of all humanity.

In Destiny, Bungie added a greater selection of character customization tools to help players feel a more personal connection with their gameplay. Destiny is also a massive multiplayer online game (MMO), similar to games like World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. This further helped Destiny’s fan base by incorporating this new type of gaming structure.

“In Halo, you were one character. Everyone was the same. In this, you get to add your own personal touch to it. It’s just a really unique first-person shooter. It caters to people who like the Call of Duty games, people who like online gaming, people who like the eight-on-eight first-person shooters, etc.,” said Berryhill.

Destiny is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and can be purchased at a variety of electronics stores including GameStop, WalMart, and Best Buy, as well as various online retailers.

Source: http://www.giantbomb.com/bungie/3010-476/


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