Rush, Squeal, and Pledge: The Search for Authenticity

-Benny Warnick, A&E Editor, and Stephen Collier, Contributing Writer

The MC rush process is in full swing after squeal day announcements and first meetings for pledges with their new clubs and tribes. Rush’s importance in the social and emotional prosperity of MC students plays a huge role in how students go about their lives at MC. Everyone involved in the rush process brings something unique to their club or tribe, with each member having different reasons behind why they decided to rush in the first place.


            Many MC students knew about the MC rush process before they ever moved onto MC’s campus. The fun and friendship formed through rush stood out to them, and they have since followed through by finding their own place in the world of MC clubs and tribes.

“Ever since I visited MC, I saw the close relationships that people formed through the rushing process and through the clubs,” said MC freshman Harrison Winter. “I wanted to form those kind of relationships, so I decided to rush.”

Rush has been known to make many students nervous due to the many different choices of clubs and tribes on campus. Through general rush, many MC students narrowed down their options and are now glad they did.

“My freshman year I came in and really didn’t know what club I wanted to be a part of, but I knew I wanted to at least try rush,” said junior Myles Faries. “And through meeting the different clubs, Shawreth really stuck out to me, and I decided that I wanted to pref Shawreth and rush toward it because the guys seem to legitimately love the Lord, and it seemed like the type of brotherhood that I would want in my everyday life.”

Since finding the brotherhood/sisterhood that they hoped to find at MC, many students have prospered and come to enjoy the unique qualities that their respective club/tribe offers to the MC student body.

“For me, Kissimee was just completely authentic,” said junior Hannah DeVries. “I loved all the tribes that I saw and had friends in all of them, but those girls just really stuck out to me and the fact that they didn’t really view anybody differently. It was just we were all together, we were all sisters, and we were all just extremely unique. You couldn’t really, in my opinion, stereotype us as a group of people, because we were all so different and came from different walks of life.”

MC pledges will carry out rush activities for the next month or two, earning their place in the club or tribe of their choice. Follies, the yearly pledge performance event, will be at center stage of pledge life for the next few weeks, as pledges learn skits, songs, and dance numbers to compete for points for their club/tribe. Though rush may be hectic and uncertain, MC students know that the time will create bonding and growth that they will come to cherish.

“For me, I don’t know what rush looks like from this point forward,” said freshman Mary Beth Davis. “I’m going with the flow to be completely honest.”


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