MC to offer new electrical engineering degree

Tiffany Babb, Contributing Writer

Mississippi College consistently strives to offer its students the best career opportunities and the most technologically advanced majors. The most recent addition to this is the new electrical engineering degree coming fall 2015. MC decided to incorporate this degree to cater to the specific environment, experiences, and opportunities that are available in our region.

Chris Maggio, chair of the department of computer science and physics, said, “With this new program, we can appeal to prospective students who are interested in engineering and who are looking for a Christian education experience, close proximity to the Jackson area, and the benefits of being part of a small department where we can guarantee close interactions.”

Electrical engineering students will be highly trained in the areas of critical thinking and problem solving. These skills are needed for students to know how to distribute electrical signals from one point to another. The top four areas students will be focusing on in this major include wireless communication between cell phones, signals that transfer energy from power plants to homes and businesses, signals that send the output of an electric guitar to an amplifier, and digital logic signals that send data to memory storage computers. As an anonymous writer on MC Moodle said, “They will essentially be responsible for any task that involves using electricity to deliver power, transfer information, or can require the expertise of an electrical engineer.”

In order to achieve this degree, students will be required to take the university core, mathematics, and physical, computer, and electrical science courses, in addition to electrical engineering classes. The electrical engineering core includes courses in electric circuit theory, logic design, electronics, microprocessors, electromagnetic energy and power, and senior design. All eight of these classes have a lab component that will provide hands-on training to connect with the lecture material taught in class. One of the most crucial courses is senior design. Maggio said, “The goal of the senior design course is to help students develop their design skills and to give them exposure to the types of design processes that they are likely to experience in the workforce.”

Electrical engineering is important to modern society because it improves technological capabilities. In a technologically dependent world, this form of engineering plays a key role in the function of society. Maggio said, “Electrical engineering is consistently rated as one of the most in-demand and well-compensated career fields worldwide.”

Electrical and electronic engineers represent the largest number of engineers in the workforce. Electrical engineers have an annual starting salary of over $60,000, which places it in the ten highest paying degrees in starting salary in the United States.


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