Artist Profile: Casey ‘Ladyface’ Clark

-Bethani Thomas, Opinions Editor

Casey Clark is a lover of acrylics, woodcutting, and exotic animals. She is a senior at Mississippi College from Madison, Miss., studying studio art, and she has already completed her minor in art history.

Clark, on thinking back to her first realization of her passion for art, recounted, “You know how in preschool all the kids would make hand-turkeys for Thanksgiving? I got first place for my hand-turkey; it was the best hand-turkey.” Finding this love at such a young age, Clark states that a third grade art teacher, Mrs. Sprayberry from Jackson Academy, really invested in her and cultivated that love for art.

Clark’s love for exotic animals and sea creatures really shows in her artwork. Scattered on the walls of her apartment and throughout her Instagram are her prints she’s created of anglerfish, peacock shrimp, oarfish and puffer fish—all of which she carved first out of linoleum (instead of wood) then printed onto the paper, like a big stamp. This creates an endless amount of relief prints of the same piece of art.

Art profile

Recently, Clark has been working on her senior project that will be displayed in the student art gallery. For this project she has carved out drawings of her pets, including chinchillas and a ball python, and is printing these onto a canvas material instead of paper. She will then sew these two-sided artworks together and stuff them to form plush pillows. This distinct form of art display is just one more way that Clark is unique. She said that her favorite artists are Modigliani and Banksy, two very different styles of art.

Upon graduation, Clark hopes to attend graduate school, though she is still unsure where. She stated that she is interested in possibly working as an art curator or restorer in an art museum, and for this would need a master’s in art history. Although she is passionate about producing her own art, Clark realizes that it takes a lot of work to make a living in commercial art. She states that, “Anybody can do art; you don’t have to be good at it.”

But in the present, Clark is content to create her own work and is passionate about sharing it with others. She sells prints on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and individual prints for those interested.

“You can express so many emotions in something that isn’t actually alive,” stated Clark regarding her artwork.

Clark is a fast worker and is excited to be able to display her final products in a unique way in the student art gallery located in the back of the library on Nov. 24 from 6 to 8 p.m.


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