Macey Lee- Player Profile

-Marcelo Maziero, Contributing Writer

As the MC women’s soccer season is coming to an end, there is nothing that the Choctaws want more than to keep winning. But one of the Lady Choctaws, Macey Lee, will be playing with a very special motivation. Lee is one goal away from setting a new school record for most goals scored.

Lee is a senior kinesiology major playing her final season for the Lady Choctaws, so it is her last chance to score at least one more goal and set the new record.

Chosen as the Player of the Week, Lee is currently tied with Jennifer Benson, who graduated in 2006, with 58 goals, and the games that are to come will define whether she will hold the record or not.

In her freshman year, Lee scored 11 goals, and in her sophomore year she scored 14. Last year, when she was a junior, she achieved the mark of 25 goals in a single season, setting a new MC record. So far in the current season, the first season after going back to D2, Lee has scored eight times.

“Playing against D2 colleges was a real challenge. While on D3 we had to play against one or two strong teams but four or five weaker teams. In D3 ,they are more consistent and the division is more balanced,” she said.

Even though Lee is closer than she has ever been to beating this record, she says that her biggest concern is to win the match and classify for the playoffs. “I just want to win the game and play the playoffs. If we win and I score, I’ll have two reasons to celebrate, but I’m focused on helping the team before anything else,” Lee said. “I will be very disappointed if I don’t score one more time, but I will always have in my mind that if I don’t score it’s because it was not supposed to happen, and I’ll remember everything I learned with the team and all the great moments I had with the girls, besides the goals and the record,” she concluded.

Throughout her four years playing for Mississippi College, Lee won the 2nd Team All Conference Honors once and 1st Team All Conference Honors twice, and was awarded the Pre-Season Offensive Player of the Year once and ASC All-Academic Honors twice.

When she is not playing soccer, Lee loves to spend time with her family and read lots of books. When it comes to outdoors activities, Lee is not only all about soccer. She also plays softball for MC, and her jersey number is the same for both sports: 14. “I like to have the number 14 because of former baseball player Pete Rose. He used the number 14, and my dad is his big fan, so I picked the number when I had the chance,” she said.


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