Nancy Anderson gets down to Business

-Megan Cole, Reporter

Nancy Anderson wasn’t always the business connoisseur that she is today. In fact, Anderson graduated from Mississippi College in 1983 with a B.S. in biology and a minor in chemistry, but time revealed that the field of science would not keep her for long. Now, the MC professor is a savvy financial women with her own business.

After discovering the limited biology-related job opportunities in the Jackson area, Anderson took up temporary work. It was through this time that she found her love for business.

“In investing, you get to study all kinds of business, so that seemed perfect for me,” Anderson explained.

She threw out the white lab-coat and exchanged it for life in a business suit. Anderson returned to MC to receive her Master’s in business and eventually started her own company, New Perspectives, Inc., a financial planning and investment advisory firm. Currently, she has an employee in training to take over her job because of her busy schedule. Through this development she will get to focus and become more involved in other work she is currently doing.

Thanks to the past work at her company, she became accustomed to frequent seminars similar to lecturing students. After many years, MC offered Anderson an opportunity to do adjunct work as a professor.

“I often did seminars, so it was just a small leap to the classroom,” Anderson shared. This was the start of her transition to the teaching world. Anderson knew that in order to be the professor she imagined, she would need a Ph.D. It was this truth that took her to Mississippi State University to receive her Ph.D. in business administration with a concentration in finance.

After intensively studying science, business, and teaching, it’s clear that Anderson is a well-versed and very educated woman. Currently, Anderson teaches courses ranging from undergrad to graduate studies. Through her classes she spreads her knowledge and passes her passion for the world of business to others. Her courses focus on business, investing, and finance. Her preferred classes run on the investment end of topics, and her favorite class is Advanced Investment with her graduate students.

“They’re just coming up with big ideas. They’re doing case studies and big portfolios, it’s really exciting to see what they do,” she said.

Thanks to Anderson’s involvement at MC, she has had opportunities to get to know some students beyond the classroom. Anderson is the sponsor of the MC Investment Club (MCIC) on campus. In the MCIC students learn about investing, how to research companies and give stock pitches, and play a stock market simulation game. In 2013, the MCIC was given $100,000 of real money, part of an endowment given to MC, to actually invest in real companies and manage a portfolio. The group votes on which companies they want to invest in, and Anderson guides the group with her wisdom. She enjoys seeing her students and MCIC members learn about investing and have fun in the process. Anderson has taken select students to a student investment conference held in New York City twice so far. Anderson and her husband Ken have also opened their home to the Investment Club for Christmas parties and end of the semester celebrations.

“It’s time you have with students and you really get to know them. You have these great experiences,” Anderson happily described the New York conference event. “They’re learning things about investing and you’re learning things about them.”

Through these events Anderson makes a big contribution to the student body at Mississippi College, but her time is also filled by her company as she influences people outside of the university. Anderson is able to reach the Clinton community, the rest of the state, and even other states throughout the South thanks to her radio and television involvement.

Anderson appears on television’s Midday Mississippi on WLBT-TV once a week for a five-minute segment on a weekly issue. She also stars in a weekly call-in radio show, Money Talks. The station reaches all of Mississippi and other states including Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. The show focuses on personal finance and airs primarily on MS Public Broadcasting. People from all over call in and ask questions, and Anderson helps them find the answers. She has been taking part in this for about six years now and prefers it over any of her other media.


“I feel like I’m having more of a direct impact on Money Talks, the radio show,” said Anderson. “People are calling in with their questions and I’m trying to help them and listen to them.”

Anderson enjoys communicating with spoken words, but she’s also experienced in writing. For eighteen years she wrote an editorial column for the MS Business journal, and she has her own self-help booklet called, “Tough Talk for Tough Times”. The book is targeted for adults starting out in life and provides helpful tips and hints on managing money and learning how to save.

“To students who hope to work and build wealth, there are two pieces to follow,” Anderson shared with students, undergraduate and graduate. “First, anyone can do it, and its discipline. Second, you must save and become informed.”

Anderson recommends that all students follow this advice and take an investment or business class as an elective.

“Eventually you can reach the point where your money can start working for you.” Anderson explained, having figured it out herself. So far in her life’s work, Anderson has obtained her own company, professor position, and television/radio spots.


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