BSU Beard Auction makes No Shave November an act of holiday service

-Harold J. Owens, contributing writer & Bethani Thomas, opinions editor

beard 3

There are many ways in which one can show what selfless service is all about. Many people join the military, some shake bells in a Santa suit, or strap on an apron at the local food shelter. This year one can display an act of selfless service by not shaving. It’s simple—just wake up in the morning and don’t shave. This is a man’s free pass for the whole month to get that rugged look they’ve always desired. Believe it or not, No-Shave November can be a noble cause this month for those who sign up for the Baptist Student Union’s (BSU) Beard Auction. Anyone can join in or support this good cause.

This annual event is used in a creative way to raise money for MC students who are signing up to be missionaries in the coming summer throughout North America, as well as around the world. In order to support them, the BSU hosts several events including the Beard Auction. To participate, men signed up in the cafeteria or in the BSU office (located below the cafeteria near computer services) to grow their beards for the furthering of the Gospel. The actual Beard Auction will take place on Dec. 1 after the weekly 6:30 p.m. worship time called Vision that takes place in the FBC Clinton Activities Building near Cup’s. The highest bidder for each participant will pay for their beard and can then shave their beard, with a provided electric razor, in any shape, form, or fashion they choose, and the participant must display their new style on campus for 24 hours.

Erika Hofacker, a sophomore student at MC and the leader of the summer mission’s team in the BSU, is in charge of this event. Hofacker stated that the auctioning will begin with pre-bidding starting on Nov. 21 in the Caf. This means that friends, girlfriends, and even students of the bearded men can write down a beginning amount they are willing to pay for the beard on a sheet of paper, therefore starting the bid. This year there are many campus favorites participating, including Justin Pigott, the FCA Campus Minister; Doug Amacker, the Manager of Star 93.5; Chip Wilson, our SGA President; Dr. Wayne VanHorn, a Bible professor; Dr. Steve Price, an English professor; Jake Bell, the assistant baseball coach; and many other faculty members and students.

You can join the event on Facebook under MC BSU Beard Auction or just show up for some fun and laughter on Dec. 1 at 6:30 p.m. But until then, Happy Bearding everyone!


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