Come and be moved by Mississippi College’s Symphonic Winds’ “Movements”

-Megan Cole, Reporter

Mississippi College’s concert band, Symphonic Winds, will move campus with an innovative and inspiring musical performance on Nov. 24. Students, faculty, and staff are all invited to come and enjoy the free event in Swor Auditorium at 8 p.m. when the musical group will be performing their “Movements” program. The event will be made up of four major pieces. Each one is related to a unique kind of movement, and each one offers a new musical experience.

The concert will include performances from a variety different composers. MC’s band is revisiting music from “West Side Story” (a pep band favorite) along with Leonard Burnstein’s “Five Dances” movement.

The group will also be performing the following works: Ralph Vaughn Williams’ “English Folksong Sweet,” Mark Camphouse’s “Movement for Rosa,” and Vaclav Nelhybel’s “Trittico Movement.” Craig Young, director of band activities at Mississippi College, shared more about the central theme of the event and what it has to do with the pieces themselves.

“Each piece represents a various kind of ‘movement,’” Young said, “whether classified by the musical meaning of movement, as in Nelhybel’s work, or to the Civil Rights movement, like in Camphouse’s composition, ‘Movement for Rosa.’”

“The piece is absolutely gorgeous,” commented Jordan Burns, a sophomore Elementary Education major and bassoon player. “I want people to be able to visualize Rosa Park’s story through the piece and feel what she went through while listening to it.”


“We’re playing lots of ‘movements’ of pieces. We’re talking about ‘movements’ in many different ways,” Young further explained. He also commended the students’ hard effort and time-commitment to the band and to the upcoming program. “These people have put a lot of time and effort into presenting some very interesting and creative music.”

Young did not hesitate to praise the band members, emphasizing the level of talent audiences can expect. “There is a lot of talent on the stage, playing music by very talented composers who have spent their lives composing this stuff.”

A total of 54 students make up the Symphonic Winds band on MC’s campus. All will be performing at this event to showcase their talents, spread their love for music, and move the campus in a different way than ever before.

“I want people to come and have fun,” Burns shared. “It’s going to be an awesome night, and I hope to see all of you there!”

Young also believes that everyone should come out and give the show a listen. “It’s very important, interesting, and creative music that everyone will want to hear.”


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