Outside the Classroom

-Andy O’Brien, Assistant Editor

Think about your college experience so far. Take a moment and reflect on all that you have learned and accomplished.

Personally, when consider my time at Mississippi College, I have few thoughts about my time in the classroom or studying. I have had many great professors, and I learned a lot about communication, marketing, English, history, science and a range of other topics. However, looking back on the past three and a half years, I have made a lot more memories and learned a lot more outside of the constructs of the university’s educational programming.

Hopefully, you feel the same way. If you are new to MC, or if it isn’t too late, I would encourage you to seek experiences that will grow you in more ways than a textbook ever could.

One of Mississippi College’s biggest advantages to its pupils is its size. Combined with the number of student organizations that we have, there are plenty of ways to get involved and take on leadership roles. Student government, social organizations, honor societies and clubs all offer great ways to get involved and meet new people.

The favorable student-faculty ratio also allows students to know their professors on a deeper level than most universities would allow. Take advantage of that, and the fact that most of our instructors care, and find a mentor. A highly-educated professor with plenty of life experience can offer invaluable wisdom to us, the meandering collegiates.

Living in the dorms, we are also blessed with more opportunities to grow. Living around people who aren’t the same as you gives you the chance to learn from them. Seize the moment and talk to them about their life experiences. Everyone has a story to tell, and you will probably never have a more sociable living situation.

College also allows for a lot of free time. Maximize it by taking on an internship or volunteering somewhere. Getting outside of the college bubble isn’t a bad idea, and you will probably learn more about how the world works if you are actually taking part in it, too. As a high school graduate, you are now an adult who can take part in grown-up life and the real world. Don’t let the label of college student keep you from taking advantage of your new status as a peer in the adult world. Internships and volunteering are both great ways to connect with older people who can teach you a lot, in addition to the more obvious benefits that those activities offer.

While you continue through your college years, say yes to things that make you uncomfortable. Seek opportunities to try new things. Be as busier than you think you probably should be. You are young, full of energy and unexperienced. Change that. Maximize your time in college, because you will never have the chance to do it over again.


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