Prayer Garden Introduced on Campus

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Mississippi College recently introduced a prayer garden in front of Alumni Hall. What is a prayer garden? It is an area designed to give students and faulty, or whomever wants to make use of it, the individual time they need for prayer and meditation. How does this addition of a prayer garden benefit the campus of Mississippi College? It gives those on campus the opportunity to socialize with individuals who visit it, as well as give them the chance to have a moment of meditation and prayer throughout their day.

Eric Pratt, chair of the Christian studies department, said it was well overdue for the campus. For the past ten years, the search for an area of prayer has not been a very successful one. There were areas such as prayer rooms on campus, but for some students they either were too far out of their way or not secluded enough. For this prayer garden to come along is a big stepping-stone for the department. It originated from an anonymous donor who gave the money to start the recreation of the garden.

Pratt explained the purpose of the garden isn’t a place where scheduled events will be held. “It’s more of an individual experience between a person and their time spent with God,” he said. The purpose of the garden is to provide students and faculty members with a sense of serenity and harmony. “It also is not connected to the courtyard or in a high traffic area on campus,” said Pratt. “So you wont have to worry about a Frisbee flying over your head or being disturbed out of that moment.”



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