The Art of Choosing the Right Christmas Gift

-Paige Easley, Contributing Writer

Christmas presents are considered to be important by many members of today’s society. Numerous people give gifts to show others how much they care.

Freshman Rebecca Spinks, shows love for her friends and family by striving to give presents that reflect the receiver’s personality. Spinks said, “I listen for what people like and base my present on that.”

“I’ve gotten quite a few presents that people did not think through, like ugly scarves. It made me feel like they didn’t really care and got it because they knew they had to get me something,” she added.

This experience has caused Spinks to carefully consider the receiver’s interests when searching for the perfect present. She said, “I would rather receive a handmade gift that was meaningful because whoever gave it to me put a lot of thought into it instead of just buying something expensive.”

Her view of sentimental presents has inspired Spinks to be creative with her Christmas presents. She searches Pinterest for do-it-yourself projects and other creative present ideas.

Spinks makes her own Christmas cards. She also makes bracelets and paints pictures to give as Christmas presents. Spinks said, “I like glass bottles of any kind. I can make something out of them like pencil holders or decorative pieces such as candle holders.”

“Picture frames with pictures of different memories in them are a good present because they mean a lot and they are cheap,” said Spinks.


Other MC students agree that thoughtful Christmas presents are the way to go.

William Hawkins said, “It is better to get them a gift that is funny or meaningful to that person than expensive.”

Camryn Jones said, “Last year I baked cookies and gave them out to my friends.”

Kaylan Burross said, “One time my friend Nicole brought me back an elephant made of marble from the Taj Mahal. I thought it was really sweet that instead buying me a fancy souvenir, she got me a little knickknack that means a lot to me.”

Ashton Castle said, “Last year I thought I had the best Christmas present for my boyfriend because I got him a pair of Nike Elite Socks that he talked about wanting. Then he hands me mine, and it was a necklace, perfume, and four other things that were expensive. My little pair of socks really didn’t cut it-Now I always compare Christmas presents.”

Devin Millis said, “I like giving food and gifts that can be reused. For instance, one time I made my girlfriend a Lazy Susan for her shoes.”

However, Spinks also admitted, “If I know they really love it, I would probably spend anything as long as it is not outrageously expensive.”

For example, she said, “I gave my boyfriend a college care package. I put a lot of thought into it and put things I knew he would like in it.”

According to Spinks, she buys “ornaments or candles when it is a big group of people.” On an individual basis, Spinks’ present choice “depends on what I have heard that people like.”

Spinks mentioned that it is better to get someone something they will actually enjoy than to buy a filler gift out of obligation.


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