DOT Products educate children around the world

-Tiffany Babb, Contributing Writer

Around the world, thousands of children everyday go uneducated and are forced to remain in poverty as they mature into adults because their parents and home governments are not able to fund their educations. However, there have been recent efforts to change this epidemic, some stemming from Mississippi.


            Hallie Darphin, MC graduate and Founder of DOT products, leads one such effort. While she was a student at MC, she founded DOT products, a company that sells school supplies. DOT stands for Do One Thing. For each product that is purchased, half a day of education is funded. Countries benefitted by DOT products include Mexico, the Congo, and Tanzania. Darphin said, “Alone, we can’t do much, but together we can do everything.”

Hannah Ames, state-side director for a DOT school in Tanzania named Glorious, works almost non-stop to ensure that the 175 attending students have the best quality, free education possible. On a regular basis, people encourage her to continue her efforts by sending her “Thank You” cards commending her efforts and encouraging her to press forward. Darphin said, “Glorious is one of our newest Education Partners, and we are so thankful to have them.”


            Many companies are joining up with DOT during the holiday season to share some of their profits to benefit schools like Glorious in Tanzania. These companies include Mary Frances Flowers, A Year of Adventures, My Dear, Writefullyhis, CYNY, Noonday collection, Hands Producing Hope, Jacob’s Scarves and SoloHope. Each one of these companies was created for the purpose of helping those in need in unique ways. Many of these companies such as Mary Frances Flowers, Writefullyhis, A Year of Adventures, and My Dear have agreed to donate a percentage of their sales to DOT for the purpose of education throughout the entire month of December. CYNY went even a step further by donating 100 percent of their profits to provide clothing to needy people globally. A few of the companies such as Jacob’s Scarves and SoloHope fund targeted areas for education including Honduras, China, and Uganda.

This semester, MC student Morgan Barber, was given the opportunity to work as an intern for this world-wide company. As an intern, Barber contacted retailers and bloggers throughout Mississippi to raise awareness for DOT products, maintained relationships with suppliers and global partners, planned social events, attended markets to promote DOT, updated the website, social media and blog, and did inventory. Barber said, “I chose to intern for DOT products because I am an advocate for the children, especially their education. Not only does DOT raise awareness, but DOT is a service oriented business. After all, our purpose is to serve rather than be served.”



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