Dress Code in College

-Hillary Wragg, contributing writer

College is a place where we are supposed to be getting ready for the rest of our lives, so why don’t we dress like it most days? There has been speculation about students wearing unprofessional clothing to class. The most common pieces consist of sweatpants, leggings, and pajamas. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with wearing two out of the three of these articles of clothing to class. I feel that we, as college students and emerging adults, can decide for ourselves what’s acceptable to wear to class and what’s not.

Of course, there is a time and place for everything, and we should dress accordingly to that standard. One should not go to class dressed in a loose shirt and sweatpants on the day that they have to present to the class. On the other hand, some days it is too cold outside for jeans or slacks; those aren’t thick enough to handle the cold. Therefore, I find sweatpants to be perfectly acceptable.

As a student who does wear clothes such as leggings and sweatpants to class, I can tell you that it is easier and more convenient to throw those on and head to class as opposed to waking up earlier in order to begin ironing my pants or slacks. Especially on days that I am running late, it is quicker to throw on a shirt and some sweatpants or leggings. These types of clothing are also more comfortable. On the other hand, wearing pajamas to class is completely unnecessary. There is no need to even wear them outside of your dorm building. It’s unprofessional, tacky, unacceptable, and should be looked down upon.

Here in college we are preparing ourselves for our careers in so many ways. Some feel that the area of clothing should be included in that process and that we should wear the proper attire for such careers today. Nurses should wear scrubs, lawyers should wear suits, doctors their lab coats and so on. But I feel that when we graduate, our work places will have dress codes that we will have to adhere to and even in graduate school, for some, we will have to wear certain attire. So why enforce it upon us now, while we are just starting out and beginning that process? During the beginning of our college years we are finding ourselves and expressing ourselves in different ways while we still can. Clothing is one way that we are able to do that while we’re young.

All my life, I’ve been told what to wear and what is acceptable; it’s only now that I can wake up and pick out what I want to wear. Most of us aren’t concerned with what others have on unless it is very distracting or disrespectful to someone. So should there be some boundaries on dress code? Yes, but they shouldn’t force us to change our entire style. When I go to class, the most important thing on my mind is getting the information I need, so I can better myself and excel in class. Some teachers already enforce a dress code and expect the students in that class to abide by it.

Towards the end of our college careers, we will mature, and so will our fashion choices. We will feel it necessary to wear the clothes that are professional in our field of work. So until then, it should be left up to us what we wear to class every day.


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