Take a break with upcoming BSU and FCA retreats

-Megan Cole, Reporter

MC students are invited to break away from going through the motions and refocus on God by connecting with one of Mississippi College’s campus ministries. Mississippi College’s Baptist Student Union (BSU) and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) are just two of several campus ministries open to all students interested. Membership is not required to join, and being involved is as easy as simply showing up. These two ministries have events coming up to take you out of the mundane schedule of going to class and walking back and forth to the Caf. Consider fighting against the monotony by checking out what these campus ministries have to offer you this spring.

On Feb. 6-8, the BSU will be taking their annual Winter Retreat. All students are invited to join the excursion at Oak Mountain Park in Birmingham, Ala., for $25. Students will be enriched spiritually, physically, and socially through a variety of activities such as small groups, hiking, and fun games like broomball ice hockey.


Ben Maddox, BSU Director, greatly encourages all students to get away from campus life and join in on this event.

“After the retreat, students always say this is the best weekend they’d had the whole year. I think it’s because we’re getting out of the way, refocusing on God, and having fun,” Maddox explained.

The retreat is centered on spiritual growth and relaxing with friends. Maddox believes this event creates a special kind of community amongst students because of the ‘families’ (small groups) that students are assigned to for the weekend. Students do everything with their family groups – from cooking meals together to having small group discussions – and this fosters old and new relationships.

The theme for this year’s retreat is “Identity.”

“We’re looking at what our identity in Christ is,” Maddox shared. “Sometimes in our struggles we think less of ourselves or even too much of ourselves and we forget who we are in Christ.” According to Maddox, the theme is meant to help students and adults understand the balance of who we are in Christ, while also understanding that we are in relationship with Him. “We want to learn and to be able to look more like Christ in our lives too.”

The BSU will also be reaching out to students all semester-long through a variety of regular activities including ‘Vision’ on Monday nights, discipleship groups, weekly community missions, and upcoming Spring Break mission trips.

Students who wish to become involved with the BSU team should be on the look out for applications arriving in late February. However, Maddox believes that the best way to be involved is by just showing up.

“There’s so much more to be a part of than just the formal positions in the BSU,” explained Maddox. “Just come in and get plugged in!”

The BSU isn’t the only campus ministry taking a break from campus life. On Jan. 30 – Feb. 1, the FCA will be going on their annual adventure, the FCA College Getaway, at Twin Lakes in Florence, Miss. This weekend is meant to be intense, encouraging, refreshing, and inspiring for all students. Over 250 college athletes, coaches, and staff will join together for a time of fellowship, Bible study, and worship. During free time, students will get to play a variety of sports and enjoy the outdoors by exploring walking trails and canoeing. The weekend will cost $65 per person, and non-athletes are welcome to register as well.

Beyond the annual getaway, the FCA will be taking part in outreach mission trips over Spring Break and hosting their annual “Amazing Race” this upcoming April.

“Anybody on campus is welcome to join and make teams. This year’s challenge is the Promise Land. It’s a great way to hear the gospel and get a chance to compete in something,” shared Bethany Pigot, FCA Director. The top three winning teams will receive prizes.

“We really want people to see what God is doing in athletes on campus, but also how He is unifying all of campus,” Pigot said. “FCA wants to bridge the gap between athletics and the rest of the student body.”

In February, FCA will be also hosting an all-girls Bible study over four weeks.

“Any girl on campus is welcome to come. We want to focus on issues that girls on this campus struggle with and then look at how to overcome them with Biblical truth.”

Throughout the year, FCA is actively reaching students through weekly meetings, The Huddle, at 8:30 on Monday nights in the MC Coliseum. All students are invited to join in, athlete or not.

“You don’t have to be an athlete to go to FCA. You don’t have to be an athlete to feel welcome at FCA,” shared Courtney Morgan, sophomore and Christian Studies major. “I’m not an athlete, and I go every week and always walk away with something new. FCA is where I’ve found some of my closest friends.”


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