“He Kicks, He Shoots, and…Nothing but the Net!”

-Angel Allen, Contributing Writer

Some may find it difficult enough to kick a soccer ball accurately into a soccer goal. Others may find it difficult to shoot a basketball into a hoop.

Yet, the ultimate challenge seems to be a combination of both: kicking a ball accurately into a basketball net…and from an unbelievable distance. The soccer video that went viral around Mississippi College and the surrounding Clinton, Miss. community on Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015 has people asking questions such as “Who did this?,” “How did he do it?,” and maybe even, “Can you teach me?”

The viral video is a clip of an MC student athlete kicking a volleyball into a basketball net from the second floor balcony of the A.E. Wood Coliseum. Freshman goalkeeper Humberto “Pana” Pelaez is the man behind the shot.

Humberto and two of his soccer teammates, MC juniors Eduardo Juarez and Jorge Delgado, had just finished weight training and were waiting on a team meeting when they decided to stop at the Coliseum to take some shots at the basketball net. Juarez was the person who shot the video from his phone.

“We just decided to have fun,” said Juarez. “Pana found a volleyball, and we started to shoot from the second floor with our hands.”

However, Delgado decided to take the shooting one step further. From the second floor of the balcony, Delgado, who is seen on the basketball court in the video, said he tried to kick the ball into the net twice but was unsuccessful. Then, Pelaez stepped in to try, what he thought, would be a few times. Pelaez kicked a curved ball into the net, and made it on his first try! When asked how he managed to make the shot in one try, he responded “Luck and talent!”

Pelaez attempted the shot with his foot after shooting three times with his hands. Delgado added that when Pelaez made the shot “I thought, ‘that was lucky,’ and I was surprised…very surprised”. Juarez’s initial intention was to Snapchat the shot, but when he realized that the ball was making a path to the net, he made it a video and saved it. “I didn’t expect it to make it,” said Juarez. “It was just meant to be a Snapchat!”

The video became widely popular when Juarez posted the clip to Instagram and hashtagged Choctaw Sports. From there, the school saw the video and decided to place it on the Mississippi College Athletics Facebook page. Then, from there it made it on the local news and YouTube. The video was too short to see Pelaez’s full reaction, but as he attempted to show how he celebrated, he said that he was surprised. “When I made it, I jumped!” The video has received nearly 200 views on Facebook and over 300 likes on Instagram. Watch Pelaez’s incredible shot by searching “Mississippi College Goalkeeper Kicks Volleyball into Basketball Goal” on YouTube.


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