Spring Break Entertainment For All

Benny Warnick, A&E Editor

With Spring Break 2015 right around the corner, Mississippi College students have been planning their free week to accommodate their personal interests. For some students, the week will consist of little more than sleep and Netflix. For others, spring break will be utilized as a time to connect with family, friends, and/or a happening party scene, putting school on the back burner and heating up a good time instead.

spring break 2

            Sophomore David Welch, like the majority of MC students, will be spending his spring break alongside his family. Originally from Brandon, he does not have to go far from Clinton to see those closest to him. That being said, Welch feels that his family grows closer when the distractions of home and school are in one state and his family is in another.

“There’s no stress, no deadlines, and no worries,” Welch said. “Getting away from Mississippi and experiencing different places does a lot to help that.”

This year, the Welch family will be spending their time out of state at a consistent spring break hot spot: Disney World. Orlando’s warm weather, active nightlife, and variety of entertainment outlets provide both vacationers and locals with more than enough to keep themselves busy. As much as the activities add to any family vacation, Welch said the family time itself is what he most looks forward to.

“What makes those trips special is just time together,” Welch said. “With me being in school and my sister working, we don’t have as much quality family time as usual. My family has always been close, so getting to go on trips like this helps us to connect even more.”

Freshman Palmer Coleman, like many other MC students, decided to forego making plans with his family for spring break. Coleman will instead spend his spring break on the beaches of Destin and Panama City with a group of friends from MC. Both Destin and Panama City are consistent spring break hot spots as well, providing spring breakers with cool waters and sunny skies during the day and a plethora of parties by the piers at night. According to Coleman, the freedom to do spring break exactly how he and his friends desire is important in adjusting to the second half of the semester.

“I see my family every weekend, so I need a break from the stress of both college and family,” Coleman said. “It helps to go have a great time and party hard before going back to college and working toward your future. You get the partying itch out of yourself before you head back to college so you can focus on schoolwork when you get back.”

Spring break at MC will be from Mar. 9 through Mar. 14, with residence halls closing during that week for MC students. Wherever the students of Mississippi College spend their week, a much-needed break will surely help the second half of the semester to begin with refreshed minds and readiness to learn once again.


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