Anna Grace Govero named pentathlon NCCAA National Champion

-Marcelo Maziero, Sports Editor

Born and raised in Clinton, Anna Grace Govero, brought to Mississippi College one of the best achievements in the school’s history. Last weekend, she was the pentathlon NCCAA National Champion, which took place in Ohio, and she was also nominated the “field athlete of the meet.”

Govero comes from a family where her mother is, in her words, “a rock-star stay at home mom” and her father is a CPA, and where she is the fifth of eight siblings. She started running track as a second sport during her 6th grade year; the first one was basketball. “My basketball coach was also the track coach, and got me running track my 6th grade year,” Govero said. “Track was kind of my second sport when I first started running, but through my junior high and high school years I really grew to love it, and became more motivated to pursue the sport more.”

Govero’s greatest inspiration is her father, who competed a decathlon in high school and suggested the multi-events in track. “I have to say my dad really inspires in my track career. I feel like he saw my abilities early on and was really supportive and excited to help me take track to the next level if I wanted. I don’t think I would have ever thought about doing the multi-events if it were not for his motivation and confidence in me,” Govero said.


She said that her decision to come to Mississippi College was largely influenced by the opportunity to be on the track and field team and represent MC. “My decision to come to MC was largely affected by track. I was excited about the opportunity to compete for coach Arde and MC, and to be a part of this big transition into Division II,” she said.

After winning the national championship and being nominated the “athlete of the meet,” Govero attributed her victory to her coaches, friends, and especially to her family, who played a really important role in her track career and taught her how to have fun under the stress of competition. “I was really excited for the chance to compete for my team and MC this weekend,” Govero said. “Being able to pull out the pentathlon win was really exciting. Just knowing how excited my coaches were was great. They, along with my friends, family, and boyfriend had a lot of confidence in me this weekend, which motivated me to do my best. But I think what really helped was my family, who kept encouraging me to just go out and have fun. I have come to realize more and more that having fun and enjoying the competition and opportunity is important because it helps to take some of the nerves and stress away that we sometimes put on ourselves.”

According to her, the victory and the award give her the motivation to keep working as hard as she can, especially now that the outdoor season is about to start for the track and field team, so she can do her best to keep helping her teammates and representing the school the way it deserves to be represented.

Govero’s last and special thanks goes to God. In her words, “I have to thank God for the ability and opportunity to participate in track, and especially at the collegiate level. I guess winning brings recognition with it, and I just want to point that back to the Lord. He provided all the talent, abilities, and opportunity. I thank him for allowing me to compete at this level for MC. I am excited to compete with my team in outdoor season, and I pray that God’s glory may be seen through us,” she said.


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