MC Entrepreneurs: Karis Nelson

-Alexa Jenkins, Copy Editor 

MC is home to many talented and creative students, and some of them have found ways to employ their creativity to make money. As college students, every little bit counts, and to be able to do something you love while doing your job is an added bonus.

Take, for instance, Karis Nelson, a freshman electrical engineering major at MC who started custom-painting shoes as gifts for friends in high school, never intending to make a business out of it.


                  “I started by making a pair for my best friend’s birthday a few years ago, and people liked them enough to start making requests,” said Nelson, who is a native of Knoxville, Tenn. After filling a few requests in high school, she had stopped for a while after beginning college. Nelson painted shoes for her roommate late in the Fall 2014 semester, and the requests started coming in again. She recently started advertising on Facebook and said she currently has six or seven orders to fill.

Painting was always a hobby of Nelson’s, and she said it is nice to be able to make money doing something she enjoys. Her job differs from most students’ in that she has no set hours and depends entirely on customer requests. It is convenient to fit into her school schedule and is a great opportunity to share her art with other people.

Nelson’s favorite aspect of the job is the creative process involved. “I really love when it starts coming together, and it’s better than I envisioned.” Her advice to anyone seeking a job is to “Find something you love and find a way to make money doing it.”

Are you an MC entrepreneur? Are you self-employed, or do you have a unique job you would like to share about? Contact to be featured in an upcoming issue.

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