MC track and field team gains speed this season

-Jarvis Gatlin, Contributing Writer

“The only way, for me to return, is like Machiavelli.” In a lot of ways, sports go beyond just competition and winning. They dive into the spiritual realm, if the respective athletes choose to do so. The track and field team, has been dominating in the past few weeks with guys and girls placing in this past weekend’s national tournament. Although it is indoor season, the racers are treating it as if it were outdoor.

A strong showing by the 4×200 meter relay team, caught the attention of various students around the campus. “I thought that the relay team did a great job,” said Jesus Hernandez. “The way those guys competed made me have to check them out.” “I just feel that we sometimes can forget about track here at MC,” said Matt Ansley. “We hear so much about the other sports around here that sometimes they kind of get lost in the mix.

The track team has been gaining a lot of steam in gearing up for the big home opener Mar. 7. “My training includes just squatting and keeping the right mindset” said sophomore runner Darius Green. “I just focus and work hard everyday.” With the newfound success of the track team, its members are feeling more motivated. “It is great that they are doing pretty good, especially for indoor,” one student said. “Usually outdoor track and field is where they give it their all.” That has been a stigma that has been around track and field athletes for a long time now. The ideas is that energy is held back in indoor, so the runners can be “warmed up” for the bigger, more elaborated outdoor competitions. But the track teams for both men and women have showed no signs of holding back.

Both men and women finished in the top ten of the National Indoor Tournament this past weekend, a competition that consists of the absolute best the division has to offer. The women runners finished 7th place overall, while the guys finished 6th overall, both respectable positions for such a tough competition. The general assumption around the campus is that the runners will do even better when it is time to do the outdoor tournaments and meets. “I am really looking forward to the outdoor competitions,” said Hernandez. The track team has stirred up quite a buzz on campus, and the expectations have now been set. With chances of tournament wins and exposure in the NCAA, the team looks to be motivated now more than ever.


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