Things Pass By

-William B. Gurtowski, contributing writer

Life is a reality that moves forward. As we grow, we meet people and leave them; experience happiness and sadness; enter places and depart them; believe ideas and refute them; and so on and so forth. We live in a world where everything constantly changes, and we change along with it. I, for example, do not currently live in the same circumstances that I did one year ago, and I will not likely be involved in the same situations one year from now as I am at present. This is not a condition that I control, nor is it one that I want; it is simply something that is.

Now, I am placed at every moment in a situation completely new and unique to anything that I have experienced. These new instances may seem relatable and similar to others from the past, but they are each distinct from one another. No moment can ever be considered the same. This is because life moves forward, and as simple-minded as this explanation may seem to be at first notice, it is not. To reveal this, I shall ask the question: What is life?

In order to know what life is, I must look at what it contains. I know from my experiences that life involves interactions between objects; these objects being anything that can be experienced. Examples of this could be for a person to age over time, to receive feedback from peers for different actions committed, or to experience emotional reactions from the circumstances of given situations. I also know that life is real; I experience events as they occur, and I give reactions to them in their moments. My interactions with objects show me that my life is a reality.

Knowing this, I have to accept that life is the interactions that I have with objects. I must, however, observe this realistically. I have learned from past experience that I am a part of reality. I myself am subject to experience in the exact same fashion as the objects of my observance. In actuality, though, observance itself is an illusion. There only exists interaction between objects. I, too, am an object of experience, just like everything that I come into contact with. My past experiences have taught me that I age, I learn, I feel, and I tire. Yet, above these things, my experiences have taught me to approach my situations with great care if I wish to receive satisfactory results. Diligence produces a praiseworthy work ethic; impulsiveness does not.

Having spoken about experience’s role in life, I can now discuss the main point of this article. Life moves forward. Never have I experienced any such event that can make me speak otherwise. I have learned over time that situations come and go as I age. I meet people, become acquainted with them, and, before I know it, leave them. The same applies for all other objects. It is not through cruelty or cold judgment of mine that this happens, but it is rather how the times work. Every situation that I come across comes and goes in time, be it with any object. But, though each situation travels in the same path, it cannot be said that each one is the same. No, the answer is in fact quite the opposite. Every situation is completely unique in itself. Sure, there may be similarities between some situations, but those are only some. Each situation contains with it an infinite number of qualities that set it apart from all others. It would therefore be unjust to say that any two objects are the same because each contains different experiences from past situations. This, therefore, makes every object unique.

My experiences have taught me that life moves forward. I have aged in time, and through this aging I have learned that I will always be placed in new situations at every moment, and each of these situations will be totally unique. I have learned that each person whom I encounter is an individual, and each one contains in him or her experiences that I will never be able to obtain. Every person’s experience is unique, and this makes each individual unique. I am unique, but so is everyone else whom I encounter. It is the experiences that we gain from our situations that truly make us each an individual. Each of us moves forward in our situations, learning at every moment from them. Situations come and they go. We live, we learn, we experience, we age, and things pass by.


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