A Modern Disease

-Griffin Wacker, contributing writer

A lot of people in today’s society believe that there exists a strong presence of objectification of women. I would tend to agree that there is a presence, but I’m not 100 percent about it being as big of a problem as everyone says. Now, before you burn me at the stake, let me clarify. I am in no way condoning the objectification of women. It is a terrible thing, but that does not make it a problem—that makes it a symptom. Much in saying that having a fever is a symptom of the flu, the objectification of women is a symptom of the objectification of something else: sex. We can tell that this is the case because, just like every kind of disease, there are multiple symptoms. We know these other symptoms well: homosexuality, pornography, and even the objectification of men. So instead of hoping to treat each individual symptom to no effect, we should be treating the disease.

To understand exactly how to treat the disease we must first know how sex works in its most proper function. We must know how we were made to view sex. Sex is a good thing, but when we corrupt and objectify it, just like we do anything else, it becomes bad. Sex is supposed to be a unitive and procreative bond between a man and his wife. Once we lose sight of what sex is supposed to be, or in other words, objectify it, that is when problems develop.

However if we put on our glasses and look at sex through a proper lens, our views on women, men, porn, and other matters involving sexuality will change. Once we see sex for what it truly is we will stop disgracing it with pornography and the objectification of people, specifically women.

The objectification of women is a bad thing, but it isn’t the problem—the objectification of sex is. So let us put on our glasses, see sex as it was meant to be seen, and cure this disease. Once the disease is taken care of, I promise the symptoms will follow with their leave.


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