FCA Amazin’ Race: The Battle of Canaan

-Emmalyn Foy, Contributing Writer

For the fifth consecutive year, FCA will be putting on the Amazin’ Race, sponsored by Chick-fil-A. This year, the event will be held on Monday, Apr. 20, from 8-10:30 pm. This year’s theme is “The Battle for Canaan,” and competitors, in 16 different teams with seven people per team, will travel around campus and compete against each other through 10 challenges that require teamwork and help build community. The race can be likened to a big board game across campus.

                 10259029_10202957252427557_789246468535808801_o soccer volunteers with chick fil a cow

                  The Amazin’ Race was started as a fun way for athletes and non-athletes to come together, patterned after the TV show “The Amazing Race.” Last year the coordinators decided to give the challenges a Biblical element. They set the stage with a story from the Bible, and then the different challenges move through the rest of the story, allowing the participants to take part as the story unfolds. The story that the challenges were based off last year was the Israelites wandering in the wilderness. This year, the story continues with the Israelites fighting their enemies to claim the land God had promised them, and many of the challenges reference the book of Joshua. The challenges all relate back to the story in some way, so mental and physical skills will be needed in this competition if teams wish to be strategically successful.

The Amazin’ Race is an event that many people have been looking forward to for a while now, especially at FCA. Bethany Pigott is one of these people; she and her husband Justin are the leaders of the MC Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Bethany most enjoys watching the team of FCA leaders work together to create the different aspects of the event.

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                  “I love seeing the [students’] creativity and how the race allows the students to show that creativity,” Piggot said.

Student leaders plan the event and the challenges that come with it. Melissa Roberson is one such FCA leader. She said she loves it because “it unites the athletes with other people on campus and each other, other athletes.”

The Amazin’ Race competition always ends with a huge final challenge where all sixteen teams compete on the football field at the same time. In the past, the FCA has always found this particular challenge to be the most entertaining to watch. So this year, they decided to do something new – opening it up for anyone to come watch. Anyone, even if they aren’t working the event or participating, can come watch the organized chaos. Around 10 p.m., the teams will be coming to the football field for the final challenge. Everyone is invited to take some time out of a Monday night and come cheer on friends and fellow students as they battle it out on the football field in this year’s Amazin’ Race.

964753_10202957259987746_3266389442275278327_o 976845_10202957265187876_203433357420091812_o


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