MC Investment Club goes to New York

-James Osborne, News Editor

Recently, members of the Mississippi College Investment Club (MCIC) went to New York City for the Quinnipiac G.A.M.E V (Global Asset Management Education) Forum which was held at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel Mar. 19-21.

The group included MCIC President Hector Tanco, Jessa MacCallum, Jarvis Stampley, Mary Catherine Reynolds, Noel Risher, Colin Keith, Skye Mejia, MCIC Communication Director James Osborne, and the club sponsor and advisor Nancy Anderson. The group enjoyed hearing from business and finance leaders and toured much of New York City during their visit.

The fifth annual Quinnipiac G.A.M.E. V Forum is an international conference for college students and their mentors to hear to hear about the current condition of the economy, important developments, and challenges facing investment professionals within the global financial markets. Students at the conference represented over 140 colleges, 40 countries, and 39 states. This was the third year that a group from Mississippi College went to the conference, 2013 being the most recent. The conference is sponsored by Quinnipiac University and many finance corporations.

“The Quinnipiac G.A.M.E conference was an incredible learning experience,” said MacCallum. “Big names from Wall Street shared their economic forecasts as well as answered questions from the students. It is funny how the media makes everything sound like the world is ending yet these guys were boasting of the good days to come! It comes down to looking at the hard facts—know them!”

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            On the first day of the conference, all of the attendees gathered for a presentation from keynote speakers, and over the next two days, students chose from several breakout sessions to attend. The keynote presentation included such topics as global markets, corporate governance, the global economy, and investment strategy. Some of the breakout session topics included: portfolio management, asset allocation, career paths in trading and investing, wealth management, and more.

MCIC President Hector Tanco said that besides the conference, his favorite part of the trip was experiencing New York with his fellow Investment Club members.

Anderson led the group to many great attractions in the city. They saw the excitement of Times Square and paid respects at the World Trade Center 9/11 memorial. MCIC members waded through a mass of other tourists to take a picture with the giant bull statue on their way to Wall Street. On one night half of the group went to see The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, while the other half of the group went to watch the Nicks play at Madison Square Garden. Everyone enjoyed a snow day on Friday with a walk through Central Park. The group at NYC pizza, lunch at an Irish pub, and Greek food from sidewalk vendors, and on the last night of the trip everyone ventured to Little Italy for an Italian dinner.

“My favorite part of the trip was having Dr. Anderson as our tour guide,” said Reynolds. “She knew all of the best places to see and dine in the Big Apple. Making a snow angel in Central Park and seeing the 9/11 Memorial were also at the top of my favorites list.”

“It’s always a pleasure to travel with MC students,” said Anderson. “This group was so much fun. They took care of each other and had such a good time together. The conference was great. Students had a chance to talk with some of the best names in the business. They also had a chance to visit the city that is the center of the financial universe. The ‘topper’ was a blizzard on Friday! We walked to Central Park in the snow and threw snowballs and made snow angels!” She summed up the trip as containing “good information, good company, good fun, and great sights.”

The MC Investment Club uses a $100,000 endowment given to them by the school to invest real money in the stock market. They discuss current events dealing with the economy, hear from guest speakers, and compete in a semester long investing game. Members give presentations on companies they are interested in investing in, and the group votes on if they want to invest in those companies or not. But the group is not just for finance or accounting majors.

“I love the variety of people in the Investment Club,” said Reynolds. “We each bring something unique to the group, whether it’s a biology major who knows about pharmaceutical stocks or an accounting major who understands the balance sheets. The variety of companies we have researched keep it interesting, and learning about current world events and their impacts on the market is very relevant and fascinating.”

“I really like the Investment Club because it’s a great opportunity for anyone regardless of their major,” said Keith. “Besides learning the ins-and-outs of investing, you’re a part of something bigger. You help manage a $100,000 portfolio of real money and that’s something not every university has.”

The School of Business dean, Marcelo Eduardo, said, “The investment club is one of the best experiential learning opportunities that anyone at MC can obtain. It allows students to manage a real investment portfolio of significant size and to do so under a supervised and systematic process that mimics what takes place in an investment firm. For those students that intend to make this their career, what a powerful way to build their resume and stand out. And for those students that simply are interested in investing, it is a remarkable experience that will make them better investors later in life.”

“This club has taught me more than most of my classes,” said MacCallum. “The investment club offers a small and open community, hands-on experience, and support from teachers and professionals in the field. All of this combined has provided me with a unique experience and valuable knowledge that sets me ahead of the game for my future.”

The MC Investment Club meets every Monday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. in Self Hall room 205. Those interested in joining can contact Nancy Anderson.



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