Summer Jobs and Internships

-Tiffany Babb, Contributing Writer

As temperatures rise and Finals draw nearer, the need for summer employment increases. This summer there will be opportunities for both internships as well as jobs available on MC’s campus. Each department determines what positions are available and if student help is needed. These departments also determine pay rates for students. However, students should act quick because these are limited due to the fact that summer is a slower season for the MC.

The Department of Career Services offers a career link on their page at This link connects to another link known as Vault, which provides a list of paid internships, as well as job opportunities available on campus over the summer. Career service professionals on campus will help students find specific internships relating to their future career paths that may or may not be available online. Stephanie Gandy, coordinator of on-campus student employment and internships, said, “We don’t limit students to just what is online.”

Career Services does not put a limit on the amount of internships a student takes during the course of his or her studies at MC. In fact, students are highly encouraged to engage in these internships in order to gain experience and career enhancement. For more information on summer job and internship opportunities contact Stephanie Gandy at 601-925-3901 or


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