Kyle Cotton: Entertaining Artist

-Seth Reeks, contributing writer

The Mississippi College Art Department’s senior exhibit is currently open at MC’s Gore Galleries. Entitled “Persona,” the exhibit showcases the individual styles, talents, characteristics, and diversity of each of the 12 seniors in the art department. One of those artists is Kyle Cotton, a graphic design major from Orlando, Florida.

Cotton is a seasoned artist, having worked at Walt Disneyworld Resorts and Nickelodeon Hotel as a caricaturist for the past four years. He started working to create unique pieces of art to entertain guests of the parks as a senior in high school.

Cotton has also worked as an intern for ITec, one of the largest entertainment corporations in the world. They work with theme parks like Universal Studios and Disney to design rides and shows. Cotton was a part of their concept design team, and worked on parks in Dubai, Indonesia, and China.


Cotton has also illustrated a digital book called The Living King, and interned on the set of the recently-released film “Battle Creek,” alongside his friend and fellow MC student Cole Angel. The film was directed by Alison Eastwood, daughter of famed actor and director Clint Eastwood. Cotton says that he and the other interns decorated sets in downtown Jackson, worked with props, helped with the wardrobe department and were acted as extras for a few scenes. The movie premiered at the Malco Grandview Theater in Madison.

Cotton entered four pieces in the Senior art exhibit, a diptych (a compilation of two pieces of art that are placed side by side to become one), a charcoal drawing which featured a surf theme, a graphic design poster entitled Hail Kale (which he says “promotes the importance of eating kale”) and a still life digital illustration poster.

During his time at MC, Cotton was a Charter Member of Kokoa Men’s Service Club, putting his artistic talents to good use as the club’s T-Shirt chair.

Although he still has one semester remaining at MC before he leaves to start his career, Cotton has already been offered a full time job with ITec and will intern again with the company over the coming summer. While he says he is looking forward to setting out on his own and excited to see where graphic design will take him, he will be sad to leave MC.

“I will always be a Choctaw at heart.”


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