Miss Collegian – Going home for summer

Dear Miss Collegian,

Right now, I’m kind of freaking out about going back home for the summer. Home life isn’t the greatest and I’ve gotten so used to being away from home this year. Right now, I love being independent and I’m afraid that when I go back home that my parents will bother me about my plans after graduation or that they’ll try to dictate what I can and cannot do. Since I’ve been at college, I haven’t had to tell my parents when/where I’m going all the time, and I’m not sure I can get used to that again this summer. How can I be expected to act the same as I did at home when I’ve changed as a person and become more of an adult since I’ve been away at MC?

-Don’t Want to Leave MC

Dear Don’t Want to Leave MC,

I don’t think you should be expected to act the same when you go home. Going to college changes you and gives you a lot more freedom than you had back at home. I think your parents will understand and will give you the freedom you have gained since being away, and if not, I would suggest sitting down with them and discussing what worries you and explaining to them the ways you have changed and what you expect when you are home. I’m sure they know exactly what you are going through and how they felt their first summer back at home after college, so don’t be too hard on them!

Have a great summer,

Miss Collegian


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