New SGA Executive Council Plans Big Things

-Tiffany Babb, Contributing Writer

Near the end of the spring semester every year at Mississippi College, Student Government Association elections are held and a new group of students step up as leaders. On March 24, MC’s students elected the 2015-2016 Executive Council. The Council consists of the following members: Mary McRae, President; Rowan St. John, Vice President; Emma Carroll Waller, Secretary; Zach Burns, Treasurer; Andrew Borho, Chief Justice; Grant Gilliam, Christian Development Coordinator; Kaitlin McCarty, CAB Chairperson. Some of the council members have moved from other SGA positions, while others are new to MC student government.

SGA, which consists of the Executive Council and the Senate, offers the opportunity for students to have a voice in campus affairs including parking, food services, and student resources and events. SGA teaches the importance of good leadership and good citizenship.

sga pic

McRae said “I love being able to have a voice for students and build relationships with staff.”

While the newly elected council has not yet held an official meeting, many had formed relationships with one another prior to the election and express excitement to work as a team. Additionally, a reception was held at the President’s Mansion on March 31 for the student body to get to know their new leaders.

SGA is looking forward to several changes for next year. Members plan to improve SGA as a whole to make it more unified and involved on campus.

McRae explained, “SGA is great but you want to keep improving on something that is good to make it even better.” SGA also plans to focus more attention in the direction of the athletic department. “My number one goal is to promote student athletics as something students enjoy.”

The new members of SGA will welcome back MC students into the fall with new changes across campus and even more ways to enhance their college careers.


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