Player Profile – Will Weber

-Marcelo Maziero, Sports Editor

The spring sports season is officially over now, and Mississippi College is still evaluating the effects of changing from Division III to Division II. The results are being analyzed, and a lot of preparation is on its way for the next seasons. One of the seasons that came to a close recently was golf, and with the end of the season also came Will Weber’s goodbye to college golf.

Weber has played golf for Mississippi College for the four years he studied here. A graduating senior in Public Relations who will be pursuing his Master’s degree in Business Administration, Weber described the feeling of leaving college golf behind.

“It’s bitter sweet. I feel like it’s time for a new chapter but I know I’m going to miss it. I have had some great rounds and some terrible rounds but no matter what, deep down I always loved the game,” he said. He started playing golf because of the influence of his father and grandfather when he was 12 years old.

will weber

“My grandfather and dad got me interested in golf when I was 12. I was hooked. I started competing at 13,” Weber said. His father and grandfather are also in the best memories he has when he thinks about golf. “[My best memory is me] playing with my dad and grandfather. The memories I’ve made with them on the golf course over the years I will never forget.”

Throughout the year playing golf, Weber said that the biggest lesson he learned from this sport is also applicable for his life. “Patience. Golf requires so much patience already, but college golf was a new level. If anyone reading this knows me, they probably know how impatient I am. I learned new levels of patience over these 4 years.”

Weber, who is very close to his family, did not think twice when asked who inspires him the most. “My parents and their unconditional love for me and my sister. They have done everything in their power to make our lives as great as possible. I could never do enough to thank them for that. We are very close as a family. Me and my sister consider our relationship rare as far as siblings go,” he said.

He is leaving the golf team soon, but he wishes a future full of victories to his teammates and the new players to come, and will have in his memory the good times he spent his the team in the last four years. “[I will have carry with me] the memories with my teammates not only on the course but on the trips as well. I don’t think any one can understand that bond unless they lived it,” Weber said.


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