You Belong Here: A Message from Clinton Mayor Fisher

“You Belong Here”. This is the city’s message we use to recruit retail and industrial business to Clinton. The beauty of the message is that we can tweak it to fit the other activities we need and to promote interest in our community. For example: “Softball Belongs Here” to promote the Girls Community College National Softball Championship. Or “Veterans Belong Here” to promote veteran orientated events.

College students belong here also, and I’d like to get your opinion on the ways the city of Clinton can better partner with the students of Mississippi College. Your activities, interest, and spending habits are important to the city, and we want to provide the types of businesses and activities you enjoy.

One of my many goals for Clinton is to make the Olde Towne area a more popular walking district during the day and at night for everyone. Increasing foot traffic in Olde Towne allows a greater opportunity for retail success – and more retail success brings more people to Olde Towne. A key element to making this happen requires a better understanding of the 5,000 strong student body’s varying interests.


I am open to your ideas and want to develop those ideas that encourage you to “hang out” along the brick streets. While every suggestion may not be possible, I am willing to listen to your thoughts and try to accommodate your ideas.

Sometimes this will be very easy. For example, I spoke to some randomly selected students and they suggested a change in the music played in Olde Towne. We now play light jazz from 8 AM to 9 PM. From 9 PM through 2AM the music selection will change to something more appealing to you. We are starting with Indie music, and are open to changing that to other styles as per your listening taste.

All suggestions are welcome, and please, be specific. For example, don’t say “cheap food”, tell me the type of food (such as chicken wings or ice cream). As another example, don’t say “stay open later”, instead give a specific time for stores to close. While I can’t guarantee a business will locate to fill a particular suggestion, it gives me a better idea of who to seek when recruiting.

I also want to know the routes and times you walk/run at night so I can make the Clinton Police Department aware. With that information they can better plan the best times to patrol along those routes and provide you better security. We can also determine if additional lighting is required, as well as any additional traffic controls.

Only my Executive Assistant, Cheryl Reece, and I will know your suggestions and we will not share them or the walking/running information with anyone. All suggestions will come straight to her and we will use the information to provide a more inviting city to you and the interests you enjoy. Contact Cheryl via her city e-mail address,, and we will begin compiling your thoughts and looking for trends.

Thanks for your assistance.


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