Clinton Under Construction

Collegian Construction PhotosBy Andrew Rock, News Editor

Mississippi College and the Clinton area have a lot to look forward to in the coming years. There will soon be a shopping center at the corner of Springridge Road and Highway 80 and new apartments are scheduled for early next year.

College students and Clinton residents alike have long wanted a convenient place to shop and dine that doesn’t require lots of driving. “We’ve had to travel all the time to buy anything,” said Clinton Alderwoman Jan Cossitt.

That will soon change. A new shopping center, dubbed Robinson Spring, is coming to Clinton. The complex will be directly across from the Mississippi College campus. A crosswalk will connect the two, according to Clinton Communications Director Mark Jones, making it convenient for both students on foot and Clinton residents wanting to make a quick purchase.

According to Cossitt, there will be several “anchor” stores consisting of major retailers, as well as lots of smaller “Mom and Pop” stores. The complex will feature a wide variety of stores and restaurants. Blackwater Resources, LLC, the firm developing the land, has not yet specified exactly which businesses will be featured at Robinson Spring.

Clinton Alderman at Large Jehu Brabham said that it was a “project like the City of Clinton has never seen before.” He explained that the builders were working to keep the “defining aesthetic part” of the area. That is, the new shopping center is designed to blend visually with the college campus. Mark Jones said that this design will be a “continuation of MC’s charm.”

Brabham said that the developers are even going as far as to use the same kind of brick that is used in many of the buildings at Mississippi College. Another unique feature of Robinson Spring is the spring from which it derives its name. According to Brabham, the spring will be incorporated into the complex as a prominent decoration.

Blackwater’s website said that the project is coming in summer of 2016.

Another major development around town is the upcoming College Station apartments, and another residential development on Monroe Street. These facilities will be ready for use by January and May of 2016, respectively.

According to Dave Riley, who owns the properties, the College Station apartments will face Lions Club Park in Clinton. He said there will be four houses, each containing four one-bedroom apartments apiece. These apartments will feature amenities including stainless steel appliances, washer and drier, and an alarm system.

The Riley Group is also constructing apartments on Monroe Street. Mr. Riley said that these facilities will be next to buildings containing Brick Street Pops and the Clinton Courier. They will consist of eight single-bedroom apartments with large bedrooms and a balcony. The buildings will be constructed in the New Orleans style, similar to the buildings around Mississippi College’s bookstore.

Mr. Riley said that the upcoming apartments are “geared to college graduate students and professors,” and that these “high-end luxury” facilities” are “going to be very nice!” He explained that the grassy area between Monroe St. and Lions Club Park will be converted into a parking lot, so there will be “ample parking,” with each resident getting their own personal spot.

Mr. Riley rents numerous properties around Clinton, and said that he has had a great experience with Mississippi College students, who are “great renters.”

Whether someone is looking to shop ‘til they drop, or find a nice place to live, the Clinton area is set to have much to offer!


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