Meet the New Officers!

William Hawks, Contributing Writer

Freshman class of 2019 Student Government Association officers were announced on Sept. 13. Meet the new officers!

President: Amy Caroline White, Biology Medical Sciences

Though a newcomer to the student government world, Amy Caroline White is no stranger to leadership. Back home in Jacksonville, Fla., White started off her high school career active in her school’s Student Ambassadors program, became an active member of National Honors Society, and finished off as captain of the tennis team and senior member of the girls golf team.

Knowing her passions and desires, White’s friends and family recommended student government to her. “What better place to serve than SGA, where real change and development is taking place?” she said. “Throughout the course of my term, I would love to see new ways that students can come together as a community.”

Vice President: Jacob Moffett, Pre-Medical

When not working at the farm in Raymond where he bails hay, Jacob Moffett hopes to spend his freshman year helping others through service in the SGA.

During his high school years in Laurel, Moffett didn’t gain much experience in school-related activities. “I was really busy, it was just wasn’t necessarily school-related. That’s one thing I wanted to change,” he said.

Moffett is looking forward to his time at Mississippi College and his service as Vice President. “It’s kind of like a symbiotic relationship. You get to know the upperclassmen, and serve your fellow freshmen.”

Secretary: Tia Mitchell, Social Work

Meridian native Tia Mitchell is already quite familiar with student government work. She ran campaigns throughout her high school upperclassmen career, and Mitchell already has a year of experience as a student secretary.

“It really opened my eyes to see how much time and preparation goes into planning things for your school/class. I enjoyed it and really think I did a pretty good job as a secretary,” she said of her experience.

“I would like to bring any concerns of my classmates to attention in [the SGA] meetings and see if we can work things out. Really, anything that will make our journey at MC even better!”

Treasurer: Terrance Williams, Political Science

Terrance Williams wants to be a governor one day, and he’s making sure he gets all the experience he can get now. He was his class’s president his Junior and Senior years of high school. And he wants to continue his rise in government.

William is looking forward to making real impacts on the school through the SGA. “Actually being visible on campus, that’s very exciting,” he said.

Speaking on one of the great privileges of the treasury, he said, “I want to really focus on fundraising and that type of thing because I want to make sure the class of 2019 has the biggest and best gift ever to be given to MC.”


Lake Williams:

-“I’ve been involved in student legislature since 7th grade, in addition to participating in mock trial events and Model United Nations.”

– “I enjoy politics and I want to serve my freshman class, so I threw my name in the running.”

Tiffany Patt:

-“The SGA at my high school wasn’t very involved in actually making changes to better the school and community, so as a member of the Senate here at MC, I look forward to doing just that. One idea I would like to present is allowing students to use their student ID points to purchase apparel in the bookstore.”

Nicholas Ellis: (This is the correct spelling, the announcement email was incorrect.)

-“With my term, I would love to make MC a more attractive school for the student who wants the ‘typical college experience’ without sacrificing the values that make this school great.”

-“My reason for wanting to be a senator was to be able to meet new people and to make MC the school that produces the leaders that restore our state and nation.”

Haley McDonald:

-“One thing that I would like to see accomplished during my term is being able to bring our students together and make this campus an even more beautiful place than it already is!”

-“I want to represent my class in a respectable way and make this place feel like home for everyone!”

Anna Beth Houston: (transfer senator)

-“I would love to see the entire student body get more involved with what happens on this campus. I know that not everyone has time to be a senator, but I think everyone’s opinion matters. I’m trying to figure out ways to make sure everyone’s concerns and ideas can be heard and utilized.”

-“After being introduced to politics, I wanted to get involved. I’ve campaigned for eight different people since the age of 14. Many people don’t vote or get involved in politics because they don’t think their voice matters. I’ve had the opportunity to personally see the outcome of an election change because of time that I put into campaigns. It’s exciting to see the men and women God is raising up to lead our state.”


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