Street Preacher

Andrew Rock, News Editor

Students walking near the Library this morning probably heard the yelling. A man set up shop on the street near the stairs around 10 and continued preaching until around 2.

Police told the man, named Austin, to leave or he would be arrested for “disturbing the peace.” He said he spoke with them and cited the 1st Amendment, and was allowed to continue preaching for hours.

When asked why he was here, Austin said, “The Bible says to lift up your like a trumpet,” and explained that he was trying to spread the Gospel far and wide.

Some students were concerned about this approach, saying he might alienate people and create hostility rather than spread the word of Jesus.

Austin said that he does this frequently at various campuses, including nearby JSU, and that he also preaches on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

He said “I’ll be back,” so this could be an ongoing saga.


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