Ayanna Bloom, Contributing Writer

It’s lights, camera, action on the MC campus as the new MC TV has made its debut. The idea came from the Communication Department and Ryan Capell, studio manager for the resource center and instructor in the department, took the lead on it and is making it a reality.

“It’s going to be a weekly online news show about five minutes long, telling students about the cool stuff and events that are happening on campus,” said Capell.

The first segment was edited and aired on Sept. 25, and the students worked really hard to bring it together. “Right now we have 15 students that are involved in some way and the shows will be on the Communication Department YouTube page,” said Capell.

Victoria White, a senior and reporter for MC TV, joined the production because of the interest she had in news production. “I never had the opportunity to get involved in something like this before. So when Mr. Capell mentioned the start of MC TV I was very eager to get involved. It’s fun working with everyone, and it’s a great teaching/learning experience for everyone,” said White.

It’s not too late to get involved and students can be as involved as they want to be. Students can be hands on or just simply submit a story idea. To learn more and get connected with the group email Ryan Capell at, and to see the first segment of MC TV visit the


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