New Majors

Ayanna Bloom, Contributing Writer

MC has over 80 undergraduate majors, and Electrical Engineering and Worship Leadership are two new areas of study that are now being offered to students. Chris Maggio, the chair of the computer science and physics department, teaches many upper level physics classes, but is heavily devoted to teaching Electrical Engineering.

“Having the program here at MC was something I have wanted to see us do for a very long time. Even when I was back in graduate school this was something I had been thinking about,” said Maggio. The Engineering Physics program was restarted back in 2008 and based on the response from that, the department decided it was time to take the next step and offer a specific engineering discipline as a major.

Maggio says that the curriculum is very similar to Electrical Engineering programs that you see across the nation, and there has been a great response from students so far. “We have courses in circuit theory, logic design, electronics, microprocessors, signals and systems, control systems, and electrical machines,” said Maggio.

Michael Washam, a junior in the program says he chose Electrical Engineering because of his initial interest when he was younger, and the class has proven to be wonderful. “I’m finally getting into the meat of the curriculum, and the knowledge I get from Dr. Price and Dr. Maggio is both humbling and amazing,” said Washam.

Washam believes the best part about the program is the professors, and any student looking into Electrical Engineering better come prepared. “Be humble and ready to work harder than you ever have. There will be late nights and early mornings. That being said, EE will be one of the most rewarding and fun things you will ever do,” said Washam.

Right across the street on the second floor of Aven, the new Worship Leadership major is underway. Angela Willoughby, the chair of the music department, says that working in churches today involves more than just music and that’s why the program was created. “Worship settings in Baptist churches are different now, so we are trying to adapt to better prepare our students for what they will have to do not only in church, but concerts and mission work as well,” said Willoughby.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in this program by taking a multitude of courses such as graphic design, seminars in music skills, theatre, and much more.

“While there is a lot [of] contemporary music there is still traditional music, and many times the person who is in charge of leading the music in any way will have to have skills in conducting a choir as well as praise leadership. They have to be able to do both these days,” said Willoughby.

Hannah Gautney, a freshman in the program says music is her favorite form of worship because it’s universal, and the Worship Leadership program is demanding, but worth it.

“Each person who comes through the program is not learning a specific formula that, over a span of four years, will transform him or her into David Crowder or Kari Jobe. Instead, each will learn how to use individual gifts to create a completely unique atmosphere that inspires people to run to the cross. That is the best part of the program,” said Gautney. To learn more about these majors visit the MC website.


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