BSU’s Summer Missions Banquet Shares the Good News

March 1, 2016

Summer Missions Banquet.jpg
photo courtesy of Emily Greer

Many from all across Mississippi and beyond gathered in Anderson Hall, on February 23 for the BSU’s Summer Missions Banquet. Each year, the BSU sends a number of students to different parts of the world and different parts of the US. There are a total of eight students from MC going on summer missions to various places such as the Philippines, Alaska, Spain, and Asia.

For some of the students, it is their last year for them to attend summer missions through the BSU. That does not make them any less motivated to spread the Gospel in the places that they are serving. Jared Letson, a senior, is going to serve in the Philippines.  He hopes that, “The Lord would be glorified.” Being a senior, Letson could have taken the summer off and just relaxed, but instead he chose summer missions. Letson hopes that he can encourage people to find the Lord so that they “would know and worship Him as the God he is.” This is the goal that has motivated him to share the Gospel this summer.

The banquet included student and parent testimonies from two people who have been involved in summer mission in the past year. Jacob Brooks spoke of his time last summer in the Philippines, how the Lord moved in his life, and the ways that his experience transformed him as a person. Kim Sadler spoke as the parent testimony, about how her son, David Franklin, went on missions last summer. Sadler was able to see the Lord glorified through her son, even when it was a tough season with her son away. She was able to give a parent’s perspective on sending your child on summer missions in order to reach parents that might have children interested in going on such a trip.

There was a time of prayer for the students who will be going to the various places to serve the Lord. The families of the students, friends, and some faculty were there to pray over the students and speak words of encouragement to them. In addition to the time of prayer, there was a time of worship, led by Emliee Koshak and Cason Robbins. All in attendance were able to worship together through music.

“In high school, my youth minister pushed missions,” said Lindsay Lee, who is going to Spain. Lee hopes that this summer will teach her to rely more fully on Christ, and that she will get more direction for her future. She, along with all of the students responding to the call that God has place on them for the summer, is excited to see what the summer holds.

This banquet could not have been put on if it weren’t for the BSU Director, Mandy Phillips, Associate Director Ryan Bain, and the Summer Missions Team. Each of these students is in for the long haul this summer.

-Emily Greer, News Editor

this article appeared in Vol. 97, Issue 9 of The Mississippi Collegian


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