Not Just a Security Officer

MC Security Officer Robert Donohue

September 4, 2018

Robert Donohue, a Mississippi College security officer, published a book after 25 years of dedication to the story.

The book “Child of Creation: Book One of Then Came a King” was “originally slated to be a trilogy, but Book One ended up being too long,” according to Donohue. So he decided at that point to make the first book into two books.

“It took so long to get to the end of Book One, to get it to where I wanted it to go,” said Donohue.

The fantasy book is about a young man by the name of Lark whose parents are murdered. His village is burned down by marauders. The marauders are on a mission to destroy him to ensure that nobody will be able to say they witnessed the crimes done by the marauders.

“He’s never been anywhere else, and his family was killed along with everyone else he’s ever known. He kind of has to figure it out on his own,” said Donohue. Throughout the story, Lark has to learn “how to live in medieval times without any kind of help.”

“What he finds is that the world is a lot bigger than the little village that he was in, with different types of people and danger,” he added. Donohue chose to write a fantasy drama because fantasy is limitless.

“The story can go literally anywhere you choose to go, so you have complete freedom,” Donohue said. Even though writing fantasy “has no limits,” he said that he likes to write in a way “that also makes the story believable.”

Donohue said, “I want people to think that this is possible.”

The idea for the book came from the typical fantasy books, but there was an area that Donohue thought needed more attention.

“A lot of times in fantasy, the religious stuff kind of goes way off into left field, and I thought that it doesn’t have to be that way,” Donohue explained. He wanted to show people that “you can write a fantasy novel that has more of a Christian-style religion.”

Throughout the years, Donohue created an Excel spreadsheet in order to “keep up with what character is what and even how to spell names.”

When the book was finally published after the editing process, Donohue described the experience as “huge and just a whole different level of satisfaction.” The book has already received several good reviews from bloggers. A review came as far as a woman from England. “People from all over the country are reviewing my book,” said Donohue, who added that these positive reviews make him want to “keep going.”

Donohue has been working in police work since 1992 and earned his master’s degree in homeland security from MC in 2016. However, he said that finding time to finish the book was “just like anything else — because if you enjoy what you’re doing, then you make time.”

Donohue published the book through Page Publishing, which is a self-publishing agency. His book was featured at the Mississippi Book Festival in Jackson this summer, where he talked about the book, did book signings, and talked to other authors.

The second part of the first book is not too far from being published as well. “I have some people looking at it right now, being sure that it flows like the way it should and that I stayed true to the storyline and characters,” Donohue said.

“Child of Creation” can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Google Play.
Joelle Youngblood

Volume 100, Issue 1


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