Introducing MC’s College Democrats

February 16, 2016

As MC continues to grow, new on-campus groups have started to form, filling some of the gaps

previously left in MC’s fabric. In the past, many discussions took place about creating a group that represented those with views not commonly held in the MC student body. Will Ballard decided to follow words with actions and put in the “leg work” of filing paperwork in order to make a College Democrats group on campus. He and several friends worked together last semester along with Jonathan Nutt and the Office of Student Development to make this an official part of MC’s campus. Between drafting a potential constitution, finding the paperwork from a previous, similar club, all while juggling schoolwork, the process took a while. As of the Spring of 2016, however, Mississippi College has a College Democrats club.

When asked why he felt like MC needed College Democrats, Will pointed out that “the

culture of MC is very homogenous,” lacking outlets for the students that do not fall into the

“prescribed” categories. He felt that a group like College Democrats was “needed especially at a

time where we are rapidly approaching the presidential elections.” As of yet, the group as a

whole has not chosen to publically support one candidate over another, but the members have

been following the election and will use this space to discuss their opinions and reactions. Despite

being a new group, there are already students willing and grateful to be a part of this club. If students

wish to join the group, here are some answers to questions they might have.


Students may be concerned about their place in the club if they do not consider themselves to be a Democrat. The club is welcoming to all who feel they might not fit in politically with the more conservative side of campus, but you do not need to identify as a democrat. The group does not expect everyone to

subscribe to a certain ideology. Already, several consistent members of the group do not consider

themselves democrats. The club itself is not affiliated with the National Democratic Party as

the club does not support all of the NDP’s platforms and stances. Honestly, if everyone agreed on every point, it would not make for very interesting meetings.


The goals of this club are straightforward and geared towards starting conversations and creating change. The club hopes to offer more diversity to the campus of MC, encourage informed opinions and discussions, and provide a safe place for students. They hope to grow and expand just as MC continues to grow. Their goal is to be a safe place for intellectual political discussion. Finally, the members of College Democrats want this to be an enjoyable experience for themselves as well as a learning experience for those unfamiliar with what it might mean to be a democrat.

The College Democrats meet on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the second floor of Alumni Hall.

-Sarah Moore, Copy Editor

this article appeared in Vol. 97, Issue 8 of The Mississippi Collegian


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