The Lady Choctaws are ready for the Next Step as they start their season in the Capital Classic in Springfield, Ill. By Corey Rholdon

Last season the Mississippi College Volleyball team went through a culture change under Head Coach Julie Redus. That led to 7 more wins for the lady Choctaws, now the team is ready for the next step.
MC has an experienced group led by 8 seniors, and Coach Redus is excited about how the group bought in this preseason. “They are ready getting after it and buying in now. They are making sure they are changing the culture one day at a time.”
Redus says this group of seniors have been though a lot and that’s what makes this group so close. “This senior group was the first class to come in for us in our division two transition. They’ve really battled it out if I am going to be honest. They’ve went through a change of coach, completely different play of style. They have really just bonded together, and really gone through life together”.
The Lady Choctaws brought in a lot of talented freshmen this season. Those freshmen have left a good impression on their teammates. Senior’s Krista Zieschang and Kayana Mitchell have seen more and more talented players from in since they have been here. Zieschang said that it will help the program grow. “Every year there is higher level athletes that come in. Which really helps contribute to improving our program. I have seen an increase of the skill of the athletes that come in. I think the freshmen will add a lot to the team this year and help get more wins on our record.”
Mitchell is a leader on the team, and she says that she loves the freshmen “I love their attitude and mentality. We have a lot of athletes on this year’s team.” Mitchell wants to show the freshmen the ins and outs of the program. “I lead by example, and showing them how to go about practice. Helping them understand how our coaches are, because this is a new environment for them. Showing them how to be a college athlete.”
With an experience and talented group the Lady Choctaws want to take the next step, and Coach Redus says that is winning one more game. “Next step for Mississippi College Volleyball is winning one more game. That is our motto, just one more, just one more. Because in volleyball or in any sport we just need one more to keep pushing through”. Mitchell says the team goals are not only to win more games but go to the conference tournament. “It is step by step, the next step is getting more wins, and eventually getting to the conference tournament”.
Zieschange has seen a marked improvement of the team as she sees a more motivated team. “I think that there is more drive and more desire to win. There is more drive to play our best and winning to be an expectation and not to expect to lose. I’ve seen that change in culture and for the better.” Zieschange also believes in the coaching staff, which she said will bring them to the next level. “Expectations are pretty high, I think we have a really good team this year. I really think our coaching staff has what it takes to bring us to the next level; for us to do really well and be successful this season”.
The Choctaws start the season in the capital classic in Springfield, Ill. MC plays two games on Friday September 1st, and two games on Saturday September 2nd. Coach Redus expects her team to be challenged this weekend, and wants to see where her “scrappy” team is at. “I expect good tough competition that is why we are going there. We are hoping to gain a little more knowledge and find our weaker areas”.
Mitchell says the team is ready to go “Balls to the wall, we are ready to get after it, and we start the season off on a good foot.” The Choctaws look to have their first winning season since rejoining the GSC.


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