Josh Robinson: GSC Player of the Week By: Sadie Wise

Mississippi College’s Joshua Robinson was named GSC Player of the Week after his top notch performance in the team’s season opener against Nova Southeastern. The senior forward is from London, England, and this is his fourth year being with the Choctaws. “I’m very happy about being named Player of the Week,” Robinson said. “I’m really looking forward to seeing where the season goes from here.”

Robinson has been playing soccer his entire life. “I’m from London, so since the age of 7 I’ve been kicking a soccer ball around outside. It’s our nation’s sport, so to not play soccer in England is crazy,” he said. “I never knew I wanted to play in America, though. It’s something I found out about when I was about 15. I started looking into it, and before I knew it, I was here.”

As far as choosing Mississippi College, Robinson said he loved the program, loved the style of coaching, and even considered the academic side as of things as well, as he is a general biology major, with a minor in marketing. “I was really impressed with this place as a whole, and I’m so happy I’m here,” he said.

Head Coach Kevin Johns says that Josh is a player that his teammates should look up to. “He’s been very patient. He’s getting his chance, and when he’s being called upon, he’s doing a good job,” Johns said.

Despite his solo award, Robinson praised his team for their accomplishments together and how far they’ve come over the last four years. “We know our strengths, we know our limits, and I believe we have what it takes to go far this season,” he said. “We really are more of a family than just a team, and I love being a part of it” said Robinson.

“Being on this team has given me identity, being so far away from home, and not having family out here, these guys have become my family. I’d die for my team. I’d put everything on the line for them, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that they’d do the same for me,” Robinson said. “Being on this team is everything for me, it gets me through the day.”

Robinson says one of the things he’ll miss most about being on this team is the dancing. “We have this thing at the beginning of practice where Coach claps and the last person in has to dance. We’ve had some amazing dancers, but then others who make you question the very definition of dance,” Robinson said.

Being a leader is something Robinson is looking forward to this season as well. “It kind of happened overnight,” he said. “I still remember my very first practice, and now I’ve blinked and I have freshmen who look up to me and ask me for advice. It’s given me a lot of responsibility that I like. I really want to make sure the freshmen feel comfortable and included,” Robinson said.

The senior has high expectations for his team this year. “Being responsible and holding each other accountable to our strengths and weaknesses [is an expectation]. We know when we set out against any eleven that we play that we have the depth, ability, and talent to beat any team that we face.”

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