Meet MC’s Women’s Soccer Team Captain, Katie Taylor, By Marquisha Mathis

Just a young girl from Tupelo, Katie Taylor had a different route when it came to playing sports, but soon found a love for soccer that would change her life.

Taylor transferred from the University of Arkansas to Mississippi College at the end of her freshmen year and quickly found a role on the team. “I really did not know what to expect coming to MC, but it has been a great experience and really good soccer program. This is the most loving, encouraging atmosphere I could have asked for with a soccer program,” said Taylor.

Katie Taylor and her team have been getting back into the swing of things for this new season and are looking forward to this year. “I’m looking forward to finally getting that conference championship ring. We’ve been so close the last two seasons, and I’m looking forward to finishing this season,” Taylor said.

As captain of the team, Katie says sometimes you can get caught up in trying to be the best soccer player. She has tried to make being a captain be more about encouraging her teammates to be the best version of themselves on and off the field, and that is going to make the team the best it can be. “I feel like this team has a really good reputation at this school, in the conference, and even in the country, as one that works hard each and every day on and off the field, and we’re just trying to strengthen that reputation,” said Taylor.

Taylor loves spending time with her teammates because they know when it’s time to have fun and when it is time to focus. “My favorite part is that, even though we have a good time and love playing with each other, we know when it’s time to work hard,” Taylor said.

Besides soccer, Katie loves working out and staying active. She also really enjoys spending time with her teammates during free time. “We’re a really close group and love hanging out together off the field, as well,” Taylor said.

Katie Taylor is a redshirt junior and is majoring in Psychology. After college, Taylor would love to stay involved in athletics in some form or fashion. “Sports psychology is a tough field to break into, but that’s the goal. I would also love to be a coach in the future,” said Taylor.


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