Preseason Practice: It’s Game Time By Marquisha Mathis

A quote from Allen Iverson says, “When you’re not practicing, someone else is getting better.” The game of basketball is not just a man’s sport. It began long ago for women and still is evolving to this day.

The women’s basketball team is back in action and is ready to get back on the court. All fifteen players have been gearing up, putting in many hours each week at the gym, and working out to get their bodies in shape.

Getting ready for the new season, the ladies of MC’s basketball team can be found working hard at practice and dribbling up and down the court every day. “Preseason practices are quite intense. We wake up at 5 a.m. to prepare for conditioning at 6 a.m. To prepare for the games this year, I am practicing every day, working on my defense, as well as my offense, and learning more about my teammates,” said Lauran Sheriff.

“A lot of time is being put in. When we’re not in class, we are practicing and lifting weights,” said Elly Nash. To prepare for a game, Moriah Hurst said, “I start the day before, by stretching and getting my body prepared and making sure I eat well. I also pray and listen to music to get focused.”

Sheriff says, “This new season is a bit tough. I have been injured, so coming back was hard for me, but it’s a challenge I’m willing to take.”

“Working with this team has been very helpful; they’re patient. Being a freshman, I am learning a lot,” said Lindsey Vaughn.

“Having the strength to finish the game and to play to the best of my ability is how I prepare,” said Kaleigh Wren.

“I am truly blessed to be a part of a team that has a great coaching staff who is easy to work with and who can guide me along, whether it’s on or off the court,” said Lauran. “After MC, I still want to play basketball; I don’t see myself doing anything else,” said Elly Nash.

“Playing basketball at MC has allowed me to make really good friends who have become a part of my family. Now I am more confident in being the person that i’m supposed to be. I have been given an opportunity to further my education and to go on in life and do what I really want to do,” said Kaitlyn Thompson.

“I am inspired by my mom, who is the reason why I wake up every day and am able to play and do what I love. Also, setting a big example for the children and older kids in the community who look up to me and want to find a way out is inspirational to me,” said Sheriff.

Continuing with her comments on the game, “All I’ve dreamed of since a young age was playing basketball. I plan to go overseas and play,” said Hurst.

“The game has given me lifelong friendships, confidence, and a positive mindset,” said Kaleigh Wren. Basketball is one of the few women’s sports that developed right behind men’s and became very popular, especially in college. “Believe in yourself,” said Vaughn.



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