Aaron Feazelle: Profile of a President / By: Kyle Hamrick, Editor in Chief

A native of the Coast, Aaron Feazelle had to have Gulf shrimp in his hot bowl – several at that. The M.C. Student Government Association President and member of the football team proceeded to craft his dinner at Hot Bowl Mongolian Grill with fried rice, new potatoes, green beans, steak, and chicken – a heavy meal half of which he put in a to-go box.

“I am here to have a 4.0 GPA and be the best football player I can be,” said Feazelle, recalling the mantra that guided him through his freshman year. Like the hearty dinner he made, Feazelle’s college years have been a miscellany of learning opportunities and growing experiences that have made him the man and leader he is today.

Feazelle was born in Laurel, Miss. in March 1998, but his home would be Diamondhead, just north of Bay St. Louis on the coast. He attended Hancock High School, alma mater to Brett Farve, and came to M.C. on a football scholarship.

Initially majoring in History, Feazelle soon had a change of heart and switched to Business. His English Comp. II teacher recognized the strength of his writing, and recommended he train to work in the Writing Center. Feazelle still works in the Writing Center where he helps students cultivate and improve their writing.

Sophomore year, Feazelle realized football would only get him so far. Repeating the words of a wise professor, Feazelle said, “College is more than an academic four years, it’s an experience.” He soon began looking for ways to get more involved and make the most of his college years, but he didn’t have to look for very long.

Anthony Jackson, a former teammate who served as M.C.’s first African American S.G.A president last year, approached him in the Caf one day and asked if he’d be interested in being his chief of staff in S.G.A. Feazelle accepted then and there, and began the journey that would lead him to where he is today – from the bottom to the top.

Chief of Staff Feazelle challenged and grew himself through communications with school administration and students. He learned to be a leader by being a follower, and he credits Jackson for getting him involved. “If it weren’t for Anthony, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today,” he said with a wide grin of gratitude.

His junior year, Feazelle became one of Dr. Thompson’s Presidential Ambassadors tasked with helping cultivate the M.C. brand. In this role, he continued to develop his public speaking skills and learned to cultivate genuine and lasting relationships with the people, students, faculty, and staff he served. He recalled junior year fondly, calling it the season of his life where he saw the most growth and realized how actions can have a big impact on people. The biggest thing he learned was, especially when it comes to M.C., “the people make the place.”

Now he’s a senior. “I like to say the fall semester’s like when you look up it’s Thanksgiving,” he laughed. He’s relaxed that freshman mantra of his to “be the best that I can be.” Regardless of what he’s doing, he wants to be the best whatever he is.
He’s taking 18 hours this semester – including Plants and People online – as well as presiding over S.G.A. and playing football. He considers Google Calendar his best friend, saying organization is “imperative” for people as busy as he.

Jessica Borne, Feazelle’s chief of staff, said Feazelle is a “direct leader, an honest friend, and one of the hardest workers I know.” Be it football, family, food, or Fortnite, Borne said he’s serious about his passions. That passion, according to Borne, is what makes him such a “vital leader on our campus.”

He’s very confident in and excited for the people involved in S.G.A. this year. He and his Executive Council are still getting their plans in order, but Feazelle’s main goal is to “accurately represent the student body and try to get what they want within reason. I want to see the efforts of our Executive Council this year benefit the school in years to come. That’s what we’re here to do.”

Appeared in Volume 101, Issue 1

photo credits: Andy Kanengiser

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