MC’s New Soap Dispensers: Good Clean Fun/ by Meredith Stratmann

This August, students were greeted with a whole host of changes upon arriving at Mississippi College. Among chatter of a new Chick-fil-A, questions surrounding Ratliff, and shifts in faculty, one subtle change is making quite a difference. 

Over the summer, new soap dispensers featuring the MC logo replaced the previous ones. Not only are these new dispensers more aesthetic, but they’re also better for the environment and are more cost-effective.

Tom Williams, the Executive Director of Campus Operations, is the man behind implementing this switch. Williams says that the primary reason for the change was to “save money.” 

Now in his twenty-eighth year at MC, Williams explained, “We had been using a soap that comes in a plastic bag. As you push the dispenser and the soap comes out, the bag collapses. It collapses to a point where we were losing about 15% of the soap because it won’t come out.” He continued, “Now we use a plastic container that does not collapse. It’s under pressure. In the past, we would have to take that bag and throw it away. Now, we mix up the soap, we fill up the cylinders. We’re saving money.”

In addition to saving money, the new soap is proven to be better hygienically. After doing some research, Williams found that “with this type of soap, you wash your hands longer, and rinse them longer, and you actually get your hands cleaner. That’s what the research tells me.”

Further reasons for the transition are the coveted MC logo, and to keep up with the times. Williams explained, “There’s an aesthetic change there, you know, the look. But we also changed to become more modern and more efficient.” The emblem has not gone unnoticed. 

Sarah Romines, a junior education major, said the new dispensers “catch your eye in the best way possible. It really shows visitors and students how MC cares about supporting school spirit, even in the small things.”  

The new soap and dispensers are made by Georgia Pacific. The scent is more floral than the previous one, and the soap itself comes as a concentrate until it is mixed in a machine on campus. The soap is bought through the Jackson Newell Paper Company, but the dispensers and installation were free. 

Regarding the lifespan of the dispensers, Williams explained, “they could last a long time. We have tons of extras. We probably have more extras than we’re ever going to use. But the life expectancy depends on the treatment. In a boy’s dorm, they’re not going to last as long as a ladies’ restroom in Nelson Hall. A lot of factors go into it, but I would say a good substantial lifetime.”

It appears the alteration in soap products is here to stay, at least for now. Williams explained, “We do a lot of talking and discussing before we ever buy. My thing is that we’re not going to change just to be changing. But if we can get a better product, and we can save money, and serve the students and the faculty, then it’s a winner.”



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