Continental Tire Plant Offers Internships/by Megan Hendricks

Two miles west of Clinton, the Continental Tire plant will offer paid internships appealing to Mississippi College students. 

Students will receive training in different areas such as communication or recruiting. Mississippi College Law School graduate Marnise Webb was recently selected to join Continental’s global human relations graduate program with training in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Students who qualify for the internship will have a four-year accredited college, a dedicated career plan, and a major in engineering. This internship can give students and graduates the opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment.

The Continental Tire plant develops technologies for transporting people and their goods.     Richard Kostal, who works at Continental as the staffing specialist is looking forward to seeing the company grow with more job opportunities for interns. 

“Right now, we are looking to set the budget in place and once that happens, we will have more internships offered. The main internship that we have now is in engineering,” said Kostal.

Right now there is one internship at the Mississippi plant, and more will be announced soon. 

Continental believes in having a diverse environment, and they are staffed by employees from different countries such as Russia, Germany, and Great Britain. The company has employed more than 243,000 people in 60 nations.

Mississippi College students are staying alert to these internships that can possibly help further their careers. 

Katherine Meredith, a Mississippi College student, is looking forward to the possible internships that will be offered at the plant. She plans to graduate MC with a degree in Interpersonal Communication. 

“Everywhere you go, you’re learning about different people, so an internship at the plant would be extremely useful for me to get more experience with my career,” said Meredith.  

Josh Little, from Ridgeland, Miss., thinks interning at the plant would broaden his knowledge and give him the opportunity to network. 

“I don’t know much about tires or a tire plant, but what I do know is that any hands-on practice would be nice. I wouldn’t mind telling someone that I work in the PR department at a tire plant,” said Little.

The future home to 2,500 Mississippi employees, Continental is based in Germany with branches in 60 nations. Students see unlimited opportunities to grow with Continental as work continues in the huge plant off I-20. The Clinton plant will be Continental’s third plant in the U.S. 

Kostal is enjoying his new position at Continental and wants the plant to make a positive impact on the community. 

“So far this has been an awesome company to work for. If any students are looking to intern at the plant, I would suggest that they come in with a vision and know what they’re looking for. Also be able to show that you are a hardworking individual with a vision,” said Kostal.

Students are encouraged to go on the website at and learn more about the internships being offered.


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